Friday, February 20, 2009


Fridays should rock. Fridays should have a person in that mode where they are a little light-spirited and feeling the urge to sing Barry Manilow songs.
Fridays lately, suck. SUCK SUCK SUCK
I get in a total, suck-arse-pissy-sassy mood and have to control myself as to keep myself from getting fired.
This mood usually only extends to the work day, and once I am home, I am fine. Happy to pick up my girls, talk about their day's adventures, walk the dogs, make dinner, fine.
The thing that sortof sucks is that I can't really voice out my reasoning(s) behind this mood as too many closely related people read this at times.
Just to give you a glance into how mildly sassy I can get, I IM'd a link to my boss today asking him if he has been reading the book How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.
He and I went from having a semi-quasi-okay relationship, and lately, he is just annoying. I flat out told him he drives me crazy. He has the moods of a woman, and when guys have those moods, well, it pisses me off, because I'm the only one allowed to be moody dammit.

I'm kidding, of course. There are a few, select, others who are allowed these moods.

I told him I was sick of the whispering, sick of the favoritism, sick of it all. And if I didn't have to be so damn thankful to have this job then I would be telling someone to SUCKit. Okay, I didn't say the suckit thing, but I did say the rest.


B is in the computer room replaying over and over some Ramones song.
Thank goodness it's a good song.
I had to stop her from dragging the speakers out of the room....she said she wanted to dance in the front room. I had to tell her that the speaker cords don't go that far.

She has become a working friend of iTunes. Didn't someone lock that computer? Oh, I guess she has figured out if she can fanagle her way onto the iMac before it locks, she can get into the music and still man the vinyl while it is password protected.......hmmmmmm, smart little stinker.

My posts aren't supposed to be a plain old rant, but I had to say goodbye to the food poisoning. Gawd, that was awful.

We are getting a second chance at another beautiful weekend, so we will not be splurging and eating out anywhere.
What are the odds that we hadn't eaten out anywhere for quite some time, and we go to stupid Carl's Jr, hankering for a cheeseburger and then get violently ill?

You show me an odd and I'll show you an oddity.


Justin &Tammy Taylor said...

Oh...I miss you! I miss being able to COMPLAIN about anything and everything to you (work....HUSBAND).

Anna said...

Okay I laughed OUT LOUD that you sent that link to your boss. Good for you.