Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Bloom

Bossy's post reminded me that, oh yeah, I have some of those.

They took a while to come into bloom this year and they always keep us guessing when indeed they will strike.

When we first bought our home, there were about 12 or so antique peony bushes that were the owner's grandmother's or something like that. But they were old, large and in the contract of selling the house, the deal was that they got to take all of the bushes with them. The husband and I did not care one little bit about this. (because we did not appreciate they full beauty of them when not in bloom, something we would fight tooth and nail to keep now) But luck be a lady these owners were just about as quick getting on top of things like we are, and they were in the middle of digging a few of the huge plants out when the husband came to rip out carpet on the day they were supposed to be out. So they took about six of those buggers and left us with the rest and they got so large and carniverous, that we've had to split and transplant them. We've even burnt and killed a few in the process of trying to exterminate some morning glory from hell and they come back from the dead to give us a beautiful two weeks (maybe) of their beautiful blooms.

As I've been cutting these and taking them to the neighbor's I think to myself, I would love to send a bundle of these up to my sister in Washington. So Kerry, the vase in the front room is specifically for you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I swear. Tonight is the lose it and snap sort of night.

My alarm goes off in less than 8 hours and I had to come downstairs to leave the nightly drama of little sassy S.

She has so much backtalk in her it is sickening.

And just between stupid facebook sucking me in and being beyond tired, making dinner late, children sassing the second I pick them up, the dog rolling in something horrid smelling, the cat bawling, the dogs barking, the perfect husband who never says or does anything wrong, returning overdue library books, bathing children AND the shitty smelling dog, and then fighting over the thousand rats nests that somehow wove themselves in long hair during S's shower and she screams at me when I try and help her do it an easier way and the cat on the shelves knocking a bunch of toys off and more dog barking and children sassing putting clean and immediately filling the dishwasher with dirties to run overnight and oy vey I still need to make lunches for tomorrow.

I'm ready to SNAP.


I took a third of a muscle relaxer last night as my jaw is killing me and I honestly think it kicked in around 7:00 am... I was at my desk, makeshift sleeping. Left hand propping my head up in a believably awake position, right hand on the mouse, so as I sleep-jerked it would make the motions look that much more realistic.

So, apparently, if I want to wake up in the morning, I will not be able to take a muscle relaxer tonight.

Damn the luck.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Please. Stop. The Singing.

Rock of Ages

Who ever heard of it? Not I.

It's a day off from work, and where else would I be other than watching the Today show in hopes of a glimpse of Mattie-boy-Lauer.

And it's a day off from work, so hello, of course, he is not on today.

So I'm wandering around online, finding old, old boyfriends on facebook and on comes some horrific bit from Rock of Ages.

Even the dogs howled in desperation for their superior hearing had failed them during the Journey song.

Don't. Stop. Believing. OOH OOH OHOOOHAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! (frantic, loud, barking)

That hurts. (the husband, who is working in the other room just said "Wow. They are horrible") (They are killing some of his favorite butt-rock songs, I can imagine this is twice the pain for him)

And it goes on and on and on and on.

Tell me about it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby it's hot inside

Dear Husband,

I would like to thank you for getting our sweet daughter's fed and ready for school this morning. Monday mornings are really hard...especially when the night before ends with gin and limeade before bed and your wife hitting the snooze button for 50 minutes in the morning.

Believe me, I had a rough the above comment.

Today hit 90+ degrees, which is quite toasty.

Before you left the house, you did many things. Packed your lunch, made sure the girls had their lunches in their bags, teeth brushed, dogs contained in the bathroom. I am proud of you and I probably don't tell you nearly enough how proud of you I really am. It is hard to get kids out of the house in the morning. It is hard to get oneself out of the house in the morning.

You only forgot two things this morning.

The cat was still outside.

That's okay, there was the water bucket with the remaining waterballoons left over from yesterday's escapades for him to drink.

You did not turn one of the five ceiling fans on.

The upstairs was only 84 warm degrees and the air conditioner should be able to handle three straight hours of running non-stop.

I think that due to the sheer warmness of the Monday evening, we will have to go out and get dinner somewhere as I am too sleepy to do much of anything else.

Love, Carrie.

P.S. I am starving, so please come home soon.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rainy weekend

So I haven't updated or posted photos in a while... Amber, hint hint....and the last four, out of five weekends have been rainy. At least that is what the weather dorks have told me.

We went camping over S's Spring break and it was beautiful. The first day we went out hiking, we forgot about, uhm yeah, the sun and it's effect on skin, so three of us got a little burnt, but not too bad. It's hard to remember that when it's only 65, it is still sunny and you can get burnt. (duhhh)

Sherman has been on a roll lately too. The woman we adopted our dogs from did mention that dacshunds will eat and eat and eat, and she was not joking. Sherman got into the basement a few months ago and chewed through a hung up target bag, pulled out a bag of marshmallows (strawberry ones no less) and ate all but about nine, large marshmallows. They he proceeded to blow up. He didn't explode, but we were waiting.

He also knocked off an entire heaping bowl of catfood that we prepared for the cat over the camping adventure, consumed it, and then we drove for 5 hours in the car. When we reached said camping spot, he drank a bowl of water like it was going out of style and we literally watched his stomach expand to the point of popping. I took him out for a potty break and he threw up. Ewwww. He does moan, like he is miserable, when he does this and I just giggle. I can't help myself.
Some animals never learn.