Monday, April 28, 2008

Home again, home again, Jiggety jag

kiss all the girls and make them gag.

That was my family's version of that rhyme.

I am at home, with a sick B. She is snotty, coughy and still sleeping...and it's almost nine o'clock. She was up at various hours of the night, along with myself, coughing coughing. Poor baby. Or as she likes to call herself "Baby Cat" or the newest pet name "Scooby-a-Doo". It's adorable.

Donde Esta? Matt Lauer?
That is the good thing about staying home. I get to sit on the new couch, with a cup o coffee and my laptap, and the best thing of all? Matt Lauer. Meow.
That is why nothing ever got done around my house when I stayed at home. Mr. Lauer was at my beck and call for a good three hours in the morning, and I couldn't get anything accomplished with *that* around.

It is supposed to be in the high 70's today, so there will be some good, quality-cuddling-on-a-blanket in the sun, time that will happen between B and I.
The girls and I had some of that yesterday afternoon and we shared carrots with the dog. He also loves Dilly of a dip on his carrots. Just like me.

Well, there really isn't much going on. I did LOADS, honestly, loads of laundry all weekend. And it really started on Thursday night. Sheesh. Last week's camping at Moab adventure really set me up for being so far behind. 544-9566 - Rebecca. I am taking phone messages. Ha. So anyone can give her a call if they would like. If you can be the sleuth that I know most of you are, you can figure out the area code and ring ol Rebecca up.

It is now time for another cup of coffee. It's very tasty when you get to enjoy it without anyone, with the exception of Rebbeca, bothering you.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Control yourself

There are no other bloggers who have the interest of "Calling animal control on stray dogs"
What the hell?
I can't be the only one. Come on people.

Op, gotta run. The husband wants to return the large, one side of the garage consuming, cardboard and bubble wrap mess we have, back to the furniture store where it came from.

Tell me... Who doesn't find that totally attractive in a man?

By-the-way, the beta blockers for my heart issues have turned me into one, sassy mo-fo. I've got confidence coming out of various orifices.

I'm not sure if my bosses are going to like the new, sassier than before, me.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

20 minutes of kicking your ass

Today I am sore.

Last night I was tracking an amazon order which tried to politely tell me that the DVD I had ordered had been delivered....and since I hadn't gone out to the mailbox in two days, I got the husband to do it for me. And lo and behold, there was my Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred DVD. Glistening, in very difficult to remove, plastic casing.

I did the 20 minute, level one, workout and honestly, it *was* 20 minutes of kicking your ass.
It was great.
I don't think I can do it again tonight. I had all intentions of doing it, but after my walk at lunch and the screaming pain in my quads, I think I'll have to pass.

My dinner that I put in the crockpot this morning has also reached the point of no return. The chicken is shriveled and dry and looks very unappetizing. That really bites, because now what? I guess I should find out when the husband is planning on coming home. I may just make waffles since B is hooked on them, and little does she know that I make the ones out of whole-wheat...Bwaahaahaaaa. I'll get some fiber in these people, one way or another.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Blahs

The results of the before-mentioned Holter monitor came back as "normal". In other words, I do not have any arrythmias. I do have a very fast resting heart rate though, and I started some beta-blockers to see if that can curb the pounding of the heart and the sympathetic nerve issues.

I honestly feel like some druggie.
I take my anxiety stuff and a beta blocker in the am hours, followed up by a schlew of vitamins...magnesium, zinc, c, b, cod liver oil and flaxseed oil. In the evening before bed, it's acidophilus, calcium, more flaxseed and a bit of a muscle relaxer so I can sleep without my jaw in the locked position.

Does that sound normal?

Okay, okay, I have realized that I am far from being normal, and that's okay. But lately, with all the extra meds, it makes me wary.

My newest girl at work lost her baby at 8 and 1/2 weeks and had a D & C today. I feel utterly sad for her. This is her second loss. How horrible.

I ordered her a nice flower arrangement and hope she is okay.

I got a little ornery near the end of my work-day, and it filtered into my evening and I just feel down I guess. Listened to Radiohead, the Bends, and I was just sad. Still am. Don't know why. I think I need some extra sleep tonight since I tried last night and that did not happen.

My little B looked so stinking cute today. Had on a long sleeved yellow shirt with a coralish pink shirt with a bird on it over that. And darling new shoes and a sparkle in her eye. I took some photos when I got home. We'll see when I actually download them off my camera...GEE.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let's see....

Not really much to post about, other than the thumb-sucker has yet, another cold.

Shocking. I know.

Obviously our attempts to stop the suckage are not working too well.

I did finally get over myself and went to the doctor concerning my heart palpitations and bouncy manuvers and got set up with a 24 hour Holter Monitor. I did that yesterday and took back the device this afternoon.

I should get some feedback in a few days. I'm really trying to rule out any issues due to my previous bouts with heart problems. Things that were burnt out of my heart via ablation, tissue, is what they call it. ha. There is always a chance that said tissue can grow back. Wouldn't *that* be a treat!

Well, it is time to walk the dog. More like, jog with the dog. Who knew that a daschund would be a running companion? With those short little weiner-dog legs and all.

It's a hoot, especially him in his sweater...since it's cold, and he shivers.