Friday, August 31, 2007

I don't think I am doing this right

It might be the pain meds, but this photo thing has got me stumped...I've got them hosted or linked right from my computer and they are showing up as question marks??
Let's check and see
After checking, I see they show up as actual photos.
Amber, they are for you. ha ha!
The ones on the beach are at Lincoln City Oregon on our vacation this summer and the others are from a few days ago.
It makes me sad to see how grown up my kids are getting.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Eating like it's going out of style

I'm preparing myself for my jaw work on Thursday by eating like a wild person.
Really. Think of all the things you eat every day, and take them all away.
My meals will again consist of liquified whatever. (Whatever you can liquify and have it still taste of something palatable)
By-the-way, I would not suggest cooking a hotdog and mashed potatoes and liquifying's horrid...especially when it gets cold. Bluch. Fruits are the way to go for sure.
I will get to rest my jaw of all sorts of rambuncheous chewing, so I'm chowing on big sandwiches, that I can't open wide enough to get in my mouth, chips, hamburgers...anything fattening, ha ha. I had sushi last night and have requested that Rich gets me a Gyro from my fav Greek restaraunt in the city. Amber, we used to eat there :) I'm dying for one!
I'm so excited for my above mentioned friend. All engaged and such. I can't wait to meet her hubby-to-be.
Work is relatively stupid as of late. I dread going. I'm pretty burned out. I keep getting this story from my boss that we will "meet and talk about it" about many things that I need to talk about...and I have been constantly blown off. It's really starting to get on my nerves. He said today, that we will meet either later today (which I knew wouldn't happen) or tomorrow, which, really, will it or won't it? I'm betting on not meeting tomorrow. I'll be shocked if we do.
The bad thing is, I'm ready to blow, so this will not be a fun meeting. I NEED to hire another person, and when I went to make sure that was still okay in his book (which he has never questioned it before) he said "Let's talk" Okay...what the hell?
I am not in the mood...and may get snippy, so I'm going over what I may be saying a nice-girl sort of way.
I need to not be a bitch. Eek.
The husband is not home again. I spoke to him at six, when he said he'd be at work for another hour. It's now after nine...yeah.
Took the girls for a walk, came back and painted toenails and I swear!!! I should not even bother to paint B's toenails. She immediately falls UP the stairs, seriously every time I paint them, and rubs them off on the carpet....uuuuggghhh.
She told me tonight she is my *big girl, not a baby*....I told her she will ALWAYS be my baby. Even if I do have to dodge the door jams so I don't bonk her head when I carry her, baby-style, in the morning when she is snuggly and warm.
Babies. They grow up way too fast.
Well, Monday is over, thank goodness, and here's to a fabulous Tuesday. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I choose to use the power of veto on...

I am a closet Big Brother watcher. I usually only get to watch about 30 minutes a out of three episodes, I still get the gist. It's kindof like watching Days of our Lives. One only needs to watch it once or twice a year, that's how long it takes them to get through one TV day, so you know exactly what is going on.
I am doing remarkably well today, considering that one of my employees called in *sick* again, I was conducting interviews, had a small rant with my boss, there is no husband in sight, dealt with ultra-tired-sassy children all night...and there is not even a drink in my hand at 9:00 at night. And the children were not hurt physically or verbally. They even got fed and showered all while there was crying and whining etc. I'm quite proud of's very much unlike me to be calm in any way.
Wait! I just changed the channel and there is some guy with a hand puppet, singing without any lip moment...and people are clapping and there is confetti. What has this world come to? Did this man just win America's got talent?
Oh gee.
Well, I have nothing fabulous to speak of. No amazing, earth-shattering revelations. So I am going to pick up an old David Sedaris book and laugh my arse off.

Friday, August 17, 2007

All night long she did this..

S was up most of the night, doing sick-kid things. 9:30, just after we had finally got B to bed, I hear a "Mom" upstairs and a rush to the toilet and lots of barfing. Yes, I know, it's not pretty, it's not fun to write about, but, it is the life of having kids. She threw up again at 10, 11, 12, 1 and the final spewing out of both ends at 2:00. I was cleaning various articles of clothing at 2 am. And got up at 5:30 to go to the delightful workplace.
Needless to say, I had a lot of work that needed some finalization and so did the husband, so we swaped work shifts...I got home at noon and he left. He also cleaned. I was honestly floored. I expected to come home to see it in the same state, if not worse, than when I had left. But, he had done laundry, sprayed for bugs, kept the sick kid in good spirits in front of the TV and had picked up the family, I just need to vacuum that clean room.
I had just gotten on top of my camping laundry, and then this. Aurgh. I did go through S's closet which was overrun with too-small clothes, and organized a few things. She starts first grade on the 29th. I'm trying not to freak out, mommy-style.
I also went to get myself some homeopathic stress pills...I'm a stress-case. Work, kids, pending jaw work, work, kids, pain. = stress, and lots of it. I'm sure this is the case with most people these days. I don't know how you could *not* be stressed.
Well, it is Friday evening, the kids and I are watching an old Brady Bunch episode waiting for the husband to get home and we'll most likely eat in shifts. S is not hungry, B is picky and everyone is tired.
I guess I'd better go find out what to feed these people. I sound like a broken record.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The worst pain ever....a year ago

I went to see the hot jaw doctor today to talk about the results of recent MRI.
I had a bicycling accident last year that resulted in two fractures of the jaw, double layers of chin stitches, a torn rotator cuff and various bloodied spots and scars to my body. This was because of a dog chasing me and a brief, but memorable, encounter with a mailbox which got me in to this predicament.
I had to have my jaw wired shut and all sorts of other goodies that involved monumental pain, physical therapy, too much weight loss, dentist and oral surgeon appointments just to have continuing pain and annoyance a year later.
The latest news is that the disc in my left jaw joint is displaced and is going to require some sort of invasive procedure to try and coax it back to where it was originally.
When speaking to the hot doctor (that's how I refer to him at work, never at home with the husband) he asked me level of pain I am at right now....compared to the worst pain I've ever experienced. I said about a five, I've been told I have a high tolerance for pain...but it's a constant pain...and where the disc is, it actually hurts when my mouth is closed...sitting on nerves and such. And as I don't go around with my mouth wide open too often...I am in constant pain.
We reminised about a year ago being wired shut, and he asked "how bad was it?" Because last year, whilst shut, he knew I'd say "The worst shit ever". Well, memory serves me well, and it really has been the worst thing to happen to me ever. I would rather go through non-medicated child birth than to ever have my jaw wired shut again. Seriously. I have had two kids, the last without any pain meds...when I had my jaw wired shut, the pain was unbearable and that was the first time I had Morphine. It was the only thing that would take the first, 24 hour pain away.
Well, I've gotten into a rant session and now am going to set up a Friday to get this procedure done. I guess it's called a Lavage. They insert needles into the joint and *wash* away any stray tissue and trapped blood cells, etc. I guess! I'm clueless..but Googling. Google is my informative friend.
Well, I'm starving and the husband will be late, so I've got to call a 6 year old home and find out what drive-thru they would like to visit for dinner.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The aftermath of Camping

It took me forever to sign into my account that I have now wasted the precious moments between the husband being in the shower, the kids watching the Simpsons and the time between clothes in the washer not ready to go in the dryer as it is still occupied....that now I have to actually go get something done.
Long story husband just told me I re-washed a pair of shorts that were not indeed dirty, thankyouverymuch...we went camping with some friends, it was fun, the campfire ban has been momentarially lifted in certain counties so we were able to have a fire with our beer and the chill in the mountains. And it requires you to wash everything that can seep in the smell of I am washing everything that went with us.
Last time we went, we got to sit around a citronella candle we brought; hence, the campfire ban. So I only had to wash what was worn and dirtied.
And it is Sunday night, so I have the Monday-morning-drag already so I need to get a glass of wine. And I have a damn cold. Annoyance! Not enough to make the normal, non-booby. people call in sick to work, but enough to make the left side of your head congested and sneeze at the sight of the sun.
Maybe I'll be able to keep up in here if I have something interesting happening in my life. Ha.
We are camping at the "Lake" next weekend...which drives us into Idaho, where we can buy "higher percentage alcohol content" beer and sit at the beach all day and watch the kids play.
That is the life.
Fat Tire Ale....mmmmmmmmm
Do you see a pattern here?

Monday, August 6, 2007

The beginning

It's late, I'm watching Supernanny in hopes of sponging some ways to discipline my children by osmosis, finishing the last sip of wine (boo!) feeling the muscle relaxer kick in for my jaw and setting up a new blog.
What a great introduction all wrapped up into a run-on sentence.
Throw me some slack. I had people call in sick at work. Okay, one person, but I'm already down two so that put a strain on my already short-staffed personnel and it's Monday. Need I say more?
And you create a new blog and they want you to choose your template from small, thumbnail size photos? Ha!
I am going to bed now as I can not type on this laptop any more. I go from Apple at home to some hideous PC with an ergonomic keyboard at work, so my already lacking-in typing skills sucketh even more.