Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Never enough time

Remember the days when people would take their film out of their cameras and get actual prints made?
Some crafty people even print out their digital photos.
Even craftier, some people upload photos to their computers and/or photobucketish sites and post photos on the internet.

I want you to imagine someone who takes their camera everywhere with them, as long as this person has her purse, and takes photos of all sorts of things: delicious looking cheeseburgers that a fellow employee is getting ready to eat, children (her own children usually), dogs, cats, potato bugs, chicken pox, people with silly outfits/hair-do's, other employees doing random acts of crazies (giving her the finger whilst taking birthday decorations down) and videos of her children doing cute dancing and employees killing wasps. I have been known to get crazy and take photos of illegally jacked up redneck trucks, while driving, and the first gas station I saw with the gas over the $4.00 mark.

BUT. This is where it ends. I take the camera, and show people my weekend meanderings and wanderings and "Could this truck possiblybe jacked up any higher". And then sometimes I even upload the photos once there are too many on there and not much to erase.

But, I'm sorry. You will have to imagine the rest of what I have described, because as soon as I possibly find any extra time in my life, I will spend that time getting a few more minutes of sleep, and not posting photos.

Maybe in the winter when I have nothing better to do.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Peanut

Seven years ago, I gave birth, at the un-godly hour of 2:40 am, to a beautiful, 5 1b 15 ounce, baby girl named S.

Now what kind of crazy parent names their child S? Better yet, her full name is S.A.R.M. That's right, folks. Two middle names. Poor kid.

She is the light of my life. She has sparkling blue eyes, beautiful soft highlighted hair and is spunky as spunk.

After her little sister was born, she asked me one day, "Mom. Did my baby sister come out of yours gina?" all I could say was a simple "Yes"
She said, "That makes me FREAK OUT!" and left the room. And I thought, that makes me freak out a little too....and giggled to myself like crazy.

I love you little one. Don't grow up too fast.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Who is this person?

Why does Rachael Ray talk like she is seconds away from crying?


I must program the TV to go to sleep after Matt Lauer is done for the day.

And nothing says vacation day like being ill with some sort of stomach bug.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is it a stay at home day, mom?

Why yes, my sweet little girls, it is a stay at home day. (Give me a hooray!)

We have no babysitter for two days, so since last week's Moab adventure was cut off completely, I took two days off to watch my babies. The older one does not find the love that I feel in calling her my baby. Mooooom, I'm not a baby!

We have lots and lots of things we need to accomplish. Returning things to stores, picking more things up from said stores, picking up a half yard of dirt and flowers, finding the husband a father's day gift (yikes), clean the house, do laundry.

And it is almost nine o'clock and one child just got up and neither of them have even had breakfast.

I was going to go for a walk/run before the husband left for work, but when he got in the shower I asked what the temperature was outside and he said Thirty Eight. Thirty Eight? Are you joking? It is June 12th for heaven's sake. Needless to say, I stayed in bed and he kissed me at 7:15 as he was leaving.

It has been an unseasonably cool spring so far and I love it. I really do. It's been a little bizzare though. We can go from having the AC on during the day and it will drop so cold as a front blows in that the heater needs to be kicked on by the early evening. Take yesterday and today for example. Highs in the low 60's...yesterday it got up to 63 for about an hour and dropped and stayed in the 50' should be in the mid 60's...but by Saturday and Sunday, we should be almost 90.

Just in time for a family reunion on Saturday and family over here on Sunday for Father's I guess I should find something for my dad and father-in-law too. Ak! Hopefully I can get the in-laws to stay with the girls one day to save me a day in babysitter money. ha.

Not much going on. Just a long list of things I need to do. But I plan on enjoying my kids and taking it easy. In fact, it is time to get a refill on my coffee. So I am out of here.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a week

What a difference one week can make.

Last week I enjoyed two blissful hours of watching Lost and drinking Gin.

This week, I have two poxed people and one, totally bored and strung out of her mind, three year old who had been cooped up in the house with the two sickos.

I made the husband send her to the babysitters today just so she can possibly be worn out enough to sleep tonight.

At eight o'clock last night she was running and jumping off the stairs, butt naked and roaring like a tiger. She then proceeded to do a tiger dance, a tickle-monster dance, and then the inevitable, pee and poo dance. There is nothing like the pee and poo dance. It was spectacular and deserved some sort of recognition.
I did laugh hysterically due to the sheer toddler-esce-ness of it all. Buddha belly and rotund naked butt, running around the house.

We are not going to Moab. Boo. No vacations this weekend. Boo.
S cried at the dinner table when we told her tonight that we are not going. Poor kid. She wanted to know why. Like it wasn't obvious.

This is after the husband let her take a four hour nap...which she woke up from at 5:30.
This always makes for easy bedtime routines.

I like to shake my fist in the air at that one.

Well, not much else going on....asked my boss today for a Mac. And we both laughed. He said he wanted one too. Haa haa haaa Haaaaaa

Right. I have the bottom of the line Dell that has no DVD-R. It is sad when your surf-the-web-only apple laptop is nicer than what you have at work. Not to mention the other computers at home. Oh well.

I'm off to digest dinner a little bit more so I can go have a 20 minute training session with my friend, Jillian, who is getting me some muscles and makes me sore.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Didn't we do this in the 70's?

Guess who has the pox now?

Guess! Guess!

Well, since there are only two other people in the household who have not had the pox before, one who is 37 years of late and the other 7 years, well then, I suppose it would be them. (I am stretching the true a little here, the husband, who kindly reminded me, will not be 37 until next month, and S will be 7 in 15 days)

Exactly 20 days of incubation have busted out the dreaded blistery chicken pox in one husband and one daughter. How delightful. How superbly wonderful that we are supposed to leave on a little get-away-vacation in three short days. I'm not sure if this will be happening.

The husband stayed home, as we were getting our patio truly poured today, and then I got all ill at work...the shakes, all signs pointing to food poisoning, dizzy, cramps. pale, hot/cold...sent a frantic email stating I was leaving the workplace, and drove the 12 miles home with my hand over my mouth hoping I would not actually barf in my car and chanting in my head "only 12 miles, only 12 miles".
I made it home just in time and spent a few hours on the couch, having a gurgling conversation with my stomach and reading/watching bad day time television.

Now the children are home with the neighbor kid that the mom still wants her to get the pox. Welcome to that place. They are playing Mario Kart.

Happy First Day of Summer Vacation everyone!