Saturday, October 13, 2007

Neverending home projects

When will it stop? We get one thing half-assed finished or figured out, and then it's something else.
Tom, the before mentioned, hamster, was not in the furnace cooking. The husband said that he would never reach the furnace because the airconditioning unit/coils are located on top of the furnace. So he took all sorts of items apart and found the hamster in the airconditioning coils.
The smell is taking us a bit of work to get fully rid of.
We got our new, special sized-to-order, refrigerator this morning...which got dented somewhere in transit, but we got a whopping 10% off for (and you can't see it once it's in place)...and the DAMN thing is about 2 millimeters too tall to get under our cabinets!
So we tried to stick whatever perishable back in to it, went to a soccer game, went to Lowes to find something to trim some wood off the bottom of the cabinets and the husband is up there now, whittling away some wood.
No. We would not be lucky enough to get something that fits in there right the first time. I guess the specs they have for appliances don't include the damn wheels they are sitting on. (?) That only makes sense doesn't it? Why bother about measuring everything attached to the appliance. Oh my hell.
It's so aggravating that I'm in the computer room with a rice krispie treat. They are so good and tasty. If they weren't so soft and delicious, I wouldn't want one. So why can't they get stale already so I'll quit gnawing on them.
I've been going to the chiropractor for terrible lower back and sciatic pain too, and it hurts SO bad right now, and I went to go find my ice pack to numb some pain....and it looks like I left in in the old fridge! That Lowes took with them!!
Life is Grand!
Oh great, I can hear two monsters in my bed upstairs...who are supposed to be *resting* watching a movie.....and it sounds like there is some jumping. I'd better hobble up the stairs and take care of that. Maybe sneak in a nap. Right.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Explaining death.

So I ended up not going to work today, since I could not talk. I could whisper, and boy could I hack up a lung, but I could not talk.
I stayed home and thought that a drugged-up, blissful sleep would be just the thing to get one to feel better. BUT, how can one do that when their house smells of rancid death and the gruesome cleaner would be here doing a bang-up job of sucking mysterious items out of the vents in the house?
It wasn't as loud as I thought it would be. But it was not the picture of quiet calm, the background of good dreams and sleep. Oh no it was not.
The cleaner got here at 10:30 and left a little after 2:30. My poor little S, instead of staying out and playing, came home and woke me out of the nap I had just slipped in to.
I guess she wanted to know if the cleaner had found Tom. I guess what I didn't realize is that she really, figuratively thought that "finding Tom" meant, an alive Tom. A sparkling, beady eyed, gosh give him some sliced almonds Tom. Oh dear. So I buttered her up with a store bought rice krispie treat, and told her that Tom was dead. (In a very nice, I'm so sorry mom type of way.) I thought for sure she had figured that since the stupid thing was down the vents...somewhere...that he was not frolicking and having fun finding old moldy things to feast on! The dirty vents don't seem to picture of some club med type of vacation away from the pleasure-dome of hamster homes. I don't think you could have paid me to stick my bare hand past the light of day of the vent due to the pure disgustingness of it all.
So she broke in to tears and I consoled with a big hug and my cracking sick voice.
She asked if we could get mice.
I have no comment for that.
What she has been spared of is that the smell is still out there. And why, would my house still reek after four hours of sucking, blowing and antibacterializing?
Well folks, not only did the hairy little ball of fur go down in to the vents, he also, most likely, went all the way to the actual furnace and his little body is frying right there where you can not get to him.
I guess you can't get IN the furnace. Unless you do those things for a living and know how to dismantle and re-assemble a furnace. The cleaner seems to think that he probably fell right on the burner plates and it cooking a little bit more and more each time the furnace turns on.
So he sprayed the fogger-antibacterial solution down into the furnance (where you can see) and told me to just crank that ol furnace up and cook that bugger out of there.
I'm trying not to visualize it, but it is really hard not to.
Well, I'm going to get child #2 and take them out to play since the weather is not snowing or freezing. So that means we need to get out of the death hole.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Damn hamster!

You know the precious little hamster, Tom, that I mentioned had gotten loose in our house?
Little Tom, we are quite certain, has met his demise in the AIR VENTS in the house.
Let me tell you something gross. It is NOT a nice smell. It is like sitting in a small room with a heavily used catpan that has not been changed in at least four weeks. It is awful.
We sent out many emergency calls to air duct cleaners yesterday in hopes someone would hear the panic and dread in our voices.
Someone is coming in tomorrow. It is not cheap. To clean and fog the vents is going to cost just shy of $500.00.
I am very pissed off at hamsters right now.
It is COLD and we need the heater to come on, and we've set it so low that we are freezing the other members of the house.
And we wake up this morning...still dark outside mind you, to this weird opera-meets-elephant like noise coming from our refrigerator. Like it's trying to tell us in a very loud, and somewhat disturbing way that it is going to most likely die soon. *So replace me! Before I die! Before all the new yogurt and cottage cheese you bought goes rancid on account of me!*
What is next? Don't ask, because I'm superstitious like that. Knock on wood or knock on the body of a dead hamster, if you could find him that is!
I also have a cold, that I was dealing with just fine yesterday, and late last night turned in to me, talking like a frog. Nice!
I'm going to work though. I can not sit here at home in the stench of decay.
I am going to post a photo of the escape route the hamster took. Now I just need to go find the bubble he gnawed through since I think the cage has already been put in the garage. We don't need any more reminders, like you can't get past the smell, that a hamster has been here.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

go ahead, stick a crayon in it

B has a cold which turned into infections of both ears and her eyes....she woke up yesterday AM with her eye completely gooped shut. I stayed home with her. Tonight, she is so pesty and she's in the computer room sticking a crayon in her eye.
Good hell child.
S is getting it too.
S also gets a little brag as her teacher called last week and told us that she is reading at a third-grade level...she is in first grade..she is also in here right now analyzing the keyboard and telling me the difference between our keyboard and the ones at school. ie: a Mac keyboard and a PC keyboard. So observant.
B is now making the poor cuckoo *cuck* involuntarily. The nice, Austrian. cuckoo clock that was my grandmother's...that somehow lost a few screws in transit from her home after she passed away, and we don't know what to do with it.
Our hamster is also loose in the house. We haven't seen him since Tuesday morning. I wonder how long he can go without water? I'm sure he's good on food, he has a few layers of fat that could pull him through a small famine, but I worry about lack of water. Unless he is sneaking water out of the cat bowl. I'm pretty sure she hasn't terrorized him yet either. In fact, I'll bet she would be deathly afraid of little Tom.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Not much

I picked up B from school and she was lying on the floor off to the side with her blanket, shoes kicked off, thumb in her mouth, tears brewing. They had called me just before I had had enough of my work day anyway, so I headed off to get her. I guess her left ear starting hurting her. She's been stuffed up all weekend, but colds usually slide at school. This is the kid who had double ear infections and fluid build-up that caused temporary hearing loss, and didn't once complain about pain. So if she's telling me her ear hurts. Then is has really got to hurt.
So I stopped at the health store, got some goods, the daycare where S is at, she is into my type of homepathic stuff too, gave me some ear drops, which I had just lent to a co-worker. So she is upstairs with Lilo and Stitch and drugged up to some degree and says her ear doesn't hurt anymore. So that is good.
(I really wouldn't mind a calling-in-because-my-kid-is-sick day though)
The day flew by. It was busy.
And now laundry, dinner, homework completion and reading, and getting people feeling better and to bed are in my future. So I'd better get off of here and get to work.