Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Brady's are naughty

Ever since I had to change our evening television viewing routine due to Fox putting the Family Guy on when there are little eyes to watch it. We've been watching the Brady Bunch. Ah, memories of ultra short skirts which I, swear the god, caught a glimpse of Jan's undies a few weeks ago, and polyester-gingham pants.
The thing is, in the majority of episodes at the end, you will find Mike and Carol Brady in their bed. They read, they do leg bends, they get the random child popping in their room for parently advise, and then they end with some smoochy-kissy-lead-you-to-believe-they-want-to-get-randy-after-they-turn-the-lights-off-closing.
I suppose they would be getting it on since there is never wary a fight amongst the parents. No, "You spent HOW much money on lotion?" and my favorite, since it's me asking it, "You bought $90.00 bike shorts?" (Should one's butt be that precious that they need a $90.00 chamios?)
And I would like to know why there aren't the episodes where the child comes in the room in the middle of the night with a nightmare about someone trying to take her out of her room so she then ends up on the floor on top of a heater vent, sucking the warmth away from me. Or the better middle of the night episodes full of vomit and crying. That makes for great televison.
Well, I suppose I should provide some nourishing dinner for these darling children since one just found a snack leftover from the other's lunch bag and threw a fit that I won't let her eat it.
Also, before I forget my complete grace, I would like to let you know I chipped a front tooth last night because I find it highly difficult to raise a glass of water to my lips. D'oh!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Draw that line Mommy

The husband and I are trying not to get Christmas present wacky.
We've made a list. We've added things to the list. We look through the Sunday ads. We see things we think are adorable. Things that two little girls would *love*. A Collector's Set of 15 Around the World unique Littlest Pets.
They are truly adorable. A little seal, a penguin, a chiuahua! With a Sombrero! The humanity of it all! The lure of parent's looking at the ads everywhere!
Target has probably ten per store and we get there and they are sold out! Imagine that! You can't buy them online, they are unique, collector's items that have no rainchecks given out.

Truth be told. All the ebay bastards bought them and they are on ebay for twice the price they were in store.
So I'm trying to get over it. But I keep seeing the sweet, large, doe eyes of the 15 littlest pet shop pets looking at me from the ad, wanting to come to my house to get lost and spend countless days in my purse and at various restaurants to pass the time whilst waiting for food to arrive.
I'm sure there are a handful of them, magnetized to the posts under the seats in my car. I should go check and see.

Better yet, I should get my butt to bed as I promised myself that I would go to bed early since I am quite certain I slept through most of my drive to work this morning and spent the remainder of the day in a complete fog of tiredness.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Aren't they just darling?

I was just on my friend's blog looking at photos of her kids and her recent wedding...beautiful, all of them.
And I'm sitting here on the couch with my kids, who, can be quite darling, and we can capture those moments in photos sometimes....and thank goodness. Because S is sitting here elbowing B in the head and then just pushed her off onto the floor.
We had parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday and I found out that S is functioning at a third grade level on most everything she is doing. She is going to an advanced-enrichment class once a week to further her learning so she doesn't get bored. I am amazed. Truly floored at her abilities. So I've started researching on what I can do to help her desire to continue learning and not squash her in any way.
It's Friday night, halleguiah, the husband is on his way home from work, he's off all next week. I'm just working Monday and we leave for Las Vegas Tuesday morning to spend the holiday at the in-laws. At least it'll be warmer than it is here.
I also spoke with my big boss today, had a real conversation, let him know what is keeping me from coming in and subjecting myself to my fears. Asked about that raise he promised a few months ago, end of year bonuses...a real conversation. AND, I did not blotch out and get the over-anxious fear that I usually get. Thank goodness for drugs that work. :)
It was a good day. It was a good week. It started out shakey due to the new seating arrangements, but we've started warming up to each other and we're on speaking terms, so that is good.
I also had a little motivation and got some much needed paperwork done. Wow!
Well, I am out for now.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Her name was Yoshimi...

...she had a blackbelt in karate.

I can't seem to get that song out of my head. The Flaming Lips, if anyone is curious.

I am sitting upstairs on the bed with my sicko B next to me. She has two hollow legs this morning and keeps eating and asking for something more.
She's got the croup, it's so sad. She seems to have a non-stop cold, and it will get nasty for a day or two then back down for a few and then flare up again. Poor kid. But she came in our room about one o'clock this morning, just barking, it sounded horrible. So I started a humidifier in her room, put some warm clothes on, wrapped her in a blanket and we went outside for awhile to breathe in the cold night air. I've always heard that helps. She wasn't too thrilled with being outside so I told her to look at all the stars. It was pretty, and quiet, except for the freeway which can get so loud at night.
I then got to sleep (okay, there was no sleeping involved for me) in her toddler bed with her for an hour while she tossed and turned and I got elbowed and kicked all while trying to stay on the bed.
So the husband and I are swapping work, at least I think that is the plan. He left around 5:30 as he has a deadline this morning...something that needs to go to press before noon. I really don't have any deadlines at work, but we all just swapped desks and I would like to be there to make sure that my more wienie-employees don't have a meltdown due to change.
I went from a large desk to a much smaller desk and you don't see me complaining...when I very well could since I don't have room to do anything. Oh well. Honestly, I don't plan to be there much longer, so kae-sera-sera...how ever you spell that.
I'm giving it to the end the year...blah blah. I also spoke to new boss about two months ago where he said I could get the raise I was asking for...and do you think I've even SPOKEN with him since then? NO! He totally goes out of his way to not speak with me. It is so irritating.
The other irritating thing is is that I have extreme anxiety issues and any sort of confrontation just kills me. Spins me into a red, blotchy mess.
I started Zoloft about three weeks ago, got pulled in to an impromptu meeting a few days ago, and handled it well. Whew.
My newest boss knows about what I'm going through, so that is good. He also knows that I'm ready to get out.
I don't want to sound like I'm a super person, but if I leave, I really don't know what they'd do. I mean, if I were them, I'd be doing whatever in my power to make sure I'm at least a little bit happy. We are very understaffed to begin with, which is okay, it gives us a better change for keeping the bottom line in sync...less money being spent on extras in essence should mean more money to give to me and that raise I was promised. Oh HA HA HA. Blah!
I do know of a few people who are actively in the searching and interviewing for new jobs too, and that will leave them shorthanded in a different area which I told my new boss a few weeks ago that I don't even want to go to that area because of the bitches that work there. No thank you.
Well, this is becoming the once a month bitch fest via me and I should probably go do laundry and clean up the kitchen...since, if I remember correctly, the last time the husband and I swapped work shifts due to a sick child, he had cleaned up the house pretty spiffy.
I should probably do a little of the same since some sick kid is lacking in clean pajamas.