Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another dose of Doo

Scooby Doo remains king in my house.

We are getting ready to go pick up some doo-decor for someones upcoming fourth birthday. And how better to get in the mood than an episode of "Krazy Kook from Outer Space" from Season one? Circa 1969.

I loved this stuff as a kid and am so grateful to Mr. Apple TV and his ability to give me the option of buying all sorts of old Television shows online to store on the computer to play over and over for hours on end.

I went and saw Mr. Attorney this afternoon, registered my car and put a check in the bank. The husband joked with me, "You deposited it? You're not going to let it sit for months attached to the calendar?"

That is normally what happens to our checks. There are some mortgage escrow returns and birthday checks, the stimulus check and dentist appointment reminders. They stay up there until we make a trip to the actual bank.

Let me preface this with "I most certainly did not win the lottery, but I didn't feel comfortable with a check like that just hanging around my kitchen in hopes of getting lost or better yet, thrown away. (just like the title to the 4-Runner)

Oy, the Doo is done and we are leaving.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How come a ghost from outer space keeps ham and chicken around?

Wouldn't we all like to know the answer to that question?

Another question I, personally, would like to know is "What is the deal with bangs?"

All of a sudden, at work, it has become quite the rage.
Now believe me when I say, that these are people who are just catching on to bangs when they were made cool in the 70's. That is how far behind the city is that my work is located in.

Don't be jealous now.

People who have no style, none I tell you, have decided to get some bangs introduced into their daily hairstyle of doing nothing to their hair.

They then proceed to talk about it. "I was told by my super-hot sister in law that she thought my bangs were cute and she got them too" what was not mentioned was "I didn't get my grays covered or my mustache waxed, but gol durn it, I got me some bangs"

Then another girl got them and she said later that she cried when she first looked in the mirror. I'm not sure if the crying was due to the bang introdcution or the sheer wrongness of the red color that was attached to her hair folicles.

Keep in mind, I am no hair genius. No no. I am a curly-haired freak who is just one hair gel bottle away from a wicked fro, so there is not much change-up in my daily hair routine.
I also think that some people look perfectly delightful with bangs, so don't get me wrong by any means. There are just some people who should not be talking about style. NOT when these people are still wearing dresses/muu-muu's from the 80's.

I turned around to a co-worker and asked her how she thought I would look with bangs. Oh boy, just the look on her face and my fit of giggles summed it up into a big, fat NO. Oh hell no.

Well, my children have most likely spent the past eight hours watching Scooby Doo with the babysitter and seem a little strung out. So I must try and do some wearing out. It's either that or scream at them to stop jumping on the couch, and my lips would much rather be wrapped around the rim of a cold drink, so we'll go outside for a while.

Friday, July 18, 2008

And where could my futon mattress be?

Oh yes, it is still in the bed of the truck.

Let's hope no wasps have taken up residence on/in/around it.

Someone received a very thin envelope from the IRS in the mail the form of a fabulous stimulus check.

I have been stimulated.

Both girls are tired and bundled up in blankets on the couch, lounging into the beginning of the weekend.

I had all intentions of going upstairs to work out, so far, I have not felt that urge.
Ugh, I need some damn motivation.

And what better motivation do I have than the fact that I'm going to be on a waterfront lake in a few short days, most likely in a bikini, to motivate my ass upstairs? Well, there is no better motivation than that and yet, I still sit on this couch.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's for breakfast?

Oh my.... It's after ten am, and S and I have just rambled out of bed. Oy.

That's what going to the drive in will do to you....especially when a kid's cartoon ends at 11:30 and deposits you at home at midnight. zzzzzzzz

B is still asleep and somehow the husband got up at 7:30 to go for a long bike ride.

Firefox is messed up on the computer due to some *children* who mess on the computer too Safari and all it's non-greatness will not let me use control options to optimize my blogging session with italics and the like. For shame.

S is standing next to me, correcting my bad typing skills, (sorry, bad keyboard that I'm not used to) and asking why I don't type her name out on this thing. So after a brief explanation, she says that's okay, because when you type her name out, spell-check never recognizes it anyway and puts a red squiggly line underneath it. And she doesn't like that. So we typed all our names out, and both the children get the red squigglys.

Poor kids.

It's Sunday. Time to finish up the laundry and put the futon mattress away from the bed of the truck and all the pillows and blankets.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finally, the moment, uh, stimulus check, I've been waiting for

Ah, it's a long weekend, it's hot, still, and I'm home a little early from work.
The children are tired, but happy and we've dragged all the toys, bathing suits and extra clothes from the babysitter's into the house.
I've picked up the mail and what? What could this envelope be?
It is labeled from the IRS, but it is a very thick envelope.


I'm thinking there is not going to be a check in here.

I open it, scan it very briefly.....very very briefly, shove it back where it came from and head upstairs to put something less hot and work-like on for the reading of this.
Hell, if I were smart, I'd put some Gin on Ice before I read this.

We could have received our stimulus check starting May 19th and have yet to see or hear word about a thing. So now with this thick ol envelope, my hopes are dashed, I'm thinking *AUDIT* and I'm scared.

With my shorts and tank-top on I read the letter...Dear R and C blah blah, enclosed is blah blah and please read the next page to see what we need from you blah blah and if you don't send what we need, we will either determine if you owe us, more, or if we need to minimize your return (uh, what return thank you).

So I read the second, long page, and at the end it says that WE DID NOT SIGN OUR RETURN and we NEED TO SIGN THE RETURN in order for them to send us a check (within 6-8 weeks of whenever the hell they decide whatnot) because I'm not sure if it says they will even send a check.


Here is what gets me:
Number 1:
We filed electronically via TurboTax in April. This has never been an issue before...the electronic signing of said tax return.

Number 2:
They were sure quick as hell to CASH THE LARGE SUM ON THE CHECK(S) WE MAILED THEM without our SIGNATURE accompanying our return. That sure didn't pose a problem to them.


I guess I was already to the point that IF I saw a mysterious stimulus check get mailed to us, I would figure, hooray, a bonus to us and let's pay off the couch. And if not, then, screw them.

Well, bring on the long weekend. We did neighborhood fireworks last night and stayed out too late, we're doing the drive-in tonight...perfect weather for that kind of thing. Parade (maybe) tomorrow and evening fireworks and hopefully a trip to Banana Republic to check out their summer sale.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Wait a second...

Two weeks ago I didn't go running in the AM hours because it was 38 degrees?

Friends, it is exactly 100 degrees right now.


I have a kid and a dog snuggled up next to me with a blanket.

Oh yeah baby, one hundred.