Saturday, December 29, 2007

Congratulations! You unlocked a new truck!

Guess what? I do not care!

The husband is playing Excite Truck on the Wii. It has gorish amounts of Butt-Rock music and annoying European cop car sounds when you hit some certain star.

He is getting upset when he is not getting a passing grade on certain levels. He asks if I want to play. I'd rather make fun of him and enjoy my gin. (Please excuse the typos)

He complained of calf pain last night and pinned it back on tensing up whilst playing the above-mentioned game. Boy! I am glad we bought this thing. The lovely Wii also lets you keep track of how long you played on the contraption throughout the day. The husband has clocked in at least two hours today. This is between test-driving new Tacoma's and 4-Runners. Now THAT was fun. I am not buying a 2008 vehicle. I am not going to buy a brand new vehicle for that matter.

So instead of buying a new car and balking at the prices of them...we turned towards home and went and bought a brand new LCD flat screen T.V. After seeing the prices of a new car and comparing them to a new T.V.....the T.V. is like a damn STEAL.
We robbed that appliance place of their television. Bwaaahahahahaa! Take that overpriced appliance store!

I had to remind el husbando not to drift while driving this evening as he does not get stars for doing so...unlike his game on the Wii. (Picture me holding on to the dashboard in fear of flipping the truck while taking a corner going 40 in the slick snow) (Over-paranoid? I'd like to think not!)

Well thank our lucky stars, he just got 1st place and got his new truck....along with SUPER AIR which gives you FIVE STARS!!
(So does a SUPER TREE RUN and a SUPER TRUCK SMASH...which I am very good at thankyouverymuch)
Christmas lives on when we make super air over a rock bridge in the middle of Fiji in the rain.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Feeling the Love

We finally found something to give to the parental units.

Mwaaaaaaah! Photo collages. (now if I can ever get this to upload is another story)

Friday, December 21, 2007

That's what crackheads are made of

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

If I hadn't been so busy at work today, I may have been able to enjoy the tomfoolery of those around me.

I wanted to participate, I wanted to laugh at others shortcomings, but dammit, I was busy.
No one else seemed to be busy, what the hell? This happened to me last Friday too.

I now get the weekend to balance my checkbook and pay bills online when I could have been doing this at my desk and gotten paid whilst doing it......I was even going to take a lunch...something that doesn't come easily as of late. It's a combination of wanting a little extra something when I get a paycheck and not wanting to go drive in the snow. And, of course, the never-ending fight-for-a-parking-spot at my workplace.

Well, the husband is home and it's time to pack two kids off to Switzerland, I mean, bed.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not feeling the love

I swear, I can not do anything to please anyone. Either that, or I'm around a lot of people who absolutely can not be pleased.
It's getting a little old.
Let's just say that an overload of hormones wrapped up in one non-pleasable person is not a good combination. And my nosy side doesn't help when I see what this person says behind my back. Gets my blood boiling.

I may be worked up because I spent an hour-plus driving home in the worst conditions I have ever encountered. It took me 50 minutes to just go 8 miles. Sigh. I was shaking and white-knuckling it most of the way too. Snow is not my friend tonight.

I'm just bugged that I am an easy-going person, who works with people with any possible scenario they can throw at me, and I STILL can't get a good word for doing so.

Screw em. (I'm really dropping the F-bomb inside my head) (But I'm trying to get better at not dropping that much any more) ( I don't need a three-year old dropping that for anybody)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crying over crackers

This is the start of a great evening.

B is in the kitchen, howling, crying, over crackers. She wanted a snack, I pulled out a little bowl and some Wheat Thins that were deemed appropriate by her, and apparently there were not enough in the bowl to please her. As I'm not in the mood to fight, I put in a few more whereas she erupts in tears and sobs and is still up there crying. Just when you think she might stop, I'm thinking she glances down at the bowl she is clutching and probably sees some tears that have made it in the bowl on top of the Wheat Thins and the whole episode re-plays itself in her head and the crying starts again. She cried before this over not being able to put the Ritz (ha ha) back in to the pantry. Geez already. I tell you, if it's not one kid, then it's the other. S has had time outs within 5 minutes of being home the past two nights. We'll see how long her attitude can hold out.
Wait, we have silence from the crying and B is down with us, pouting. Huffing a little *Mmmufffhhh* every here and then, and damn anyone who looks at her.

It's slower at work this week due to the impending holiday and my motivation to work is non-existent. My brain is so tired that I can't even remember what I got on here to write about.

I guess this means I should go work on dinner for my starving child who won't eat now that she has crackers to fill her up.

Instead of cooking, I went to add to my profile, and apparently I am the only one who likes to call animal control on stray dogs.
Strike that, I like to call animal control on any dog not on a leash and hightailing it around the neighborhood.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Disabled cookies

How painful that sounds. My cookies are disabled. The poor things. As they should be disabled, I need nothing of the type around here.

The husband's work Christmas party was last night. It was fun too. He won the first-ever employee of the year award. Wow. I'm not suprised really that he would win it, but suprised they did it. He came home with a load of gifts and cash....yay! You can't beat unexpected gifts of cash and American Express gift cards.

Not much going on around here today. S has a friend over and they are bouncing around like hooligans. That's okay though, her friend's mom has wicked prego-sickness and doesn't feel good. It also leaves me free to do the things I need to do without any entertaining of the 6 year old who is house-bound because it's f-ing freezing outside.

We need to get to our picking photos for the annual Apple photobooks for grandparents so hopefully the will be here before Christmas. Because once again, we are the ultimate slackers. (The kids are done and bought for, inventoried, X-mas eve jammies washed though, so I haven't slacked out terribly)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why bother

I was in the front room, all comfy cosy with the laptop and the christmas tree...checking on packages yet to come...and I hear a little rustling and darn right quiet that you know is wrong; and in the kitchen, my wonderous eyes did perceive an innocent stinker on the 'fridge with glee....for what on the 'fridge would make a three year old climb, but a gingerbread house that is far past its prime.

Sorry, the moment of trees and christmas just got to me for a moment. I will stop that immediately and hopefully will not re-visit it any time soon.

Why do I bother? To do fun projects ie: gingerbread houses, for the kids? Why!? So it becomes contant contension between my not wanting more sugar in their bellies and the possibility of a broken neck now that I have to put it on the fridge so they won't eat the entire thing? Do I need to lighten up and just let them at it? I can't! I just can't. I know there are those laid back, easygoing mothering types out there. I am not one of them. I want it my way and... I want it my way.

I can't believe I just said that. Ugh.

There are some things I have no problem letting them do. And I just sat here pondering for a few minutes to see if I could find one of those moments, and I can't, so maybe I am wrong in saying that. Hmmmm, okay, so I'm impeccably anal.

At least I have savings accounts for them that have automatic drafts into a college account. And if they so desire not to go to college, heaven forbid, than at least they will have some money to pay for the therapy they most likely will need after being raised by this helluva mom. So there.

Like that is supposed to make me feel any better.

Little stinker, on the top of the fridge, B had a school program last night. Mind you, she is only three and in a room packed full of strangers. And when I say packed, boy do I mean sandwiched in. Luckily I was able to find a seat in front because they were the kids' chairs, ha ha, and when I saw her tears brewing and the rubbing of eyes, I was able to motion her over to me and she came and clutched me tight for a good three songs before she lightened up her grip seeing that I wasn't going to march her back up there to be petrified. Poor kid. She gets the shyness from me. I was a shy kid. Some people are probably wondering what the hell happened to that.

Well ANTM is on and it's the finale. Hooray! I like them all now that Bianca the Beast is gone.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I heart Mondays

I also love other people's pregnancy hormones. They are wicked cool.
I've been told I was mean when I was pregnant....I'd like to say I was more vocal than normal...but I do not ever recall being a plain ol bitch. Maybe I'm delusional. Okay, nevermind maybe, I am and I will admit I tend to tuck certain memories into the vast realms of my brain and save them for times when I like to remind my mom about all the bad things she did to me as a kid, but I don't think I was a bitch.
Amber knew me as a prego person, maybe she will comment...hint hint....and let me know the evil of my past ways and now my prego employee(s) are the future "I hope you have prego people JUST LIKE YOU" sassiness coming back to bite me in the butt.

Oh joy! I have how many more months of this? And how many other female employees that can and most likely will get pregnant? I just got rid of two! Save me from the insanity.

Out of spite of wanting at least one person who could not possibly defy all humanity and get pregnant, I hired a male. This male has more emotional hormones that ALL of the women in my group. He is probably the combination of five females who are having their period.....Save me from the insanity.

I had one heartfelt employee meltdown in progress today and she asked if she could take vacation for the remainder of the week. She has the vacation time she can take. It is a slow time of the year for us. I am actually impressed (just a tiny bit though) that she asked to take vacation instead of her normal calling in sick tales which she is known to do on a regular basis. I said okay. Knock yourself out, give yourself some you time...come back refreshed. If you think this will help you out, go right ahead.

So my prego employee who I have gone out on a huge freaking limb to get her some added perks to her job totally undermines my decision and pretty-much tells me I'm an idiot for making the gotakevacation deal. SCREW HER. Is what I say. When you get to sit in my chair and deal with trying to please every person in this team (including you) and actually take on the responsibilities that I gave you with your new *job* ie: raise. Then, maybe, you can make a decision like this. In fact, it's darnright tempting to call you out on telling me I made a mistake in letting her take this vacation. She said "You realize that I am not that dependable right now" Why? Because you are prego and feeling nauseous? I'm sorry, I feel bad for the girl, she doesn't feel well...but being a mom and personally had two children of my own, I don't find pregnancy as an excuse to be sick. Maybe I'm being callous and mean, maybe *I* am pregnant and that's why I'm feeling the bitch-mode come out that supposedly I may have been?

Ah! The rant. The rave. I actually talked with her and gave her this look like I was going to tackle her right out the front door for saying anything back to me. She said "I wasn't trying to be rude or anything. I hope it didn't come out that way!" All innocent in her IM'ing tactics when she knew damn well what she was she frantically typed to others within the group. Boy oh boy. I'm not really that reilled up about it anymore, but thought, hey, I'm online, I have even made and ate dinner already and homework is done, the kids are occupied with their crazy play, husband is on his way home...let's blog.

Had a talk with my attorney today too. Totally worthless.
I am also finished with Christmas for the girls. I also found out that I bought two pair of pants for the husband thinking he wore a 35 waist...and he wears a 33? When did this happen? ha ha ha! Well, I am priceless that way.. Merry Christmas! Nothing will fit, so let's go to Banana Republic and exchange them...and pick something up for me while we are there.....
I swear I did not do this on purpose. It sounds like a wonderful plan though.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Operation: Thumb Crackdown!

After speaking with a fellow cubicle-mate, and might I say, a sure heck of a gal (You know who you are),
I have decided it is time for the thumb sucking from Missy B to cease and desist.
I guess you can get a dentist to put some sort of appliance in to discourage the sucking. I'm going to try the other, ie: less expensive, measures first and see what happens.
B is *very* stubborn...nothing like her mother at all.....and is already fighting with me about this.
During the summer, I had no qualms with her thumb-loving and was actually highly annoyed with my then babysitter because she constantly hounded her for sucking her thumb. Like she should care. They are my teeth and sickies to worry about. And now it's gotten to the point where I have had it with the sickies. B broke out of her higher fever, downgraded to a lower fever and then broke out in a rash on most of her trunk area. That went mostly away yesterday, but then I noticed little pustules (I'm not sure how else to describe that) around her mouth last night, so I put tea tree oil on those and they were little scabs this morning. I have NO idea what those are or were. I tell you though, it's getting old.
So, once again, I am off to meet with my google-friend for a while to see what sources are out there to stop this raisiny-thumb-habit.
It was a fiesty day for me at work. I'm not sure what got in to me. I was teasing people, something I rarely do...Bwaaahahahaha and it was just full of busy-we-need-proof-now and nutty questions.
It's time to get S to finish up her reading since they want to watch one of the many Christmas TV programs on around this time of the year, oh joy!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sick again! sick...again...

Honestly, she has not been healthy, not-snot-fever-cough-free, in months. Really, it's been months.
She was sick before and during the time we were in Vegas...finally got rid of the thick nasal drip..and yesterday and today were the first times in months that she had zero nasal drip and BAM, tonight, has a 103* fever.

We were decorating yet another tree, and she was laying on the floor with her blanket and her thumb. And there we have the largest's that damn thumb! By the time S was this age, we had talked her out of it unless she was going to sleep. B has it in her mouth all the time. It used to be only when she had a soft blanket or stuffie, but she's taken to feeling her hair and sucking her thumb now. She also licks and tastes various non-food items on a very regular basis. She is also stubborn as hell and lies about wiping and washing her hands after going to the bathroom. It's a recipe for disaster ie: non-stop sick child.


Unless I get a settlement soon and can quit my job, I'll probably end up in trouble at work for calling in *because my kid is sick again*.....but then again, I have an employee who has called in sick more than anyone I've even known and has no children, and she's never been in who knows.


She wanted to go to bed and wasn't teasing you know they're sick when they aren't bugging you and want to cuddle. I knew even before I felt her head that she didn't feel good since she wasn't running around and sass-mouthing and all that.


Here's to the beginning of another week.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

First snow!

We woke up to over 6 inches of snow this morning...and it continues coming down. It's beautiful.
So we've spent the morning sitting around reading and drinking the morning coffee. I took some photos, got some motivation and downloaded them and sent them to grandparents. Let's see how long this wild hair lasts. Maybe I can get on top of my mountains of laundry this weekend. (Bwaaahaahaa)