Monday, March 1, 2010

Working on it

So I broke down and called someone to come in and clean my house.

I've had enough meltdowns every damn weekend over the state of the house and just trying to catch up on simple things like cleaning the bathroom counter. I do not want to spend my days off work just scrambling to get the house in order. And I don't want to wish my children older so they can clean up their things...they are still my babies and I'm soaking it all in. (In case anyone wonders, they do clean up their things, but there are days where it is loads easier for me to swoop it up in one handful and put it away properly and then my OCD doesn't have to take a hit and a fit)

I think this will save many years of mine and my family's life and sanity.

And then I can get back to more me time.
Running, hiking, reading, singing, biking, camping, dog-walking, ginning, painting, kid-smooching... here I come!

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Kerry said...

Good for YOU! your weekends are much too short and your sweet girls are growing much to fast to spend every Saturday / Sunday dreading the chore fight. Hooray for you for giving this up to let yourself live the life you want.