Thursday, March 18, 2010


This is going to come across as a pure whine, but....

I would really like to know when a mom ever gets a break?
I have come to grips with this fact, and have accepted this is the fact.

But when is a mom not doing something that doesn't involve cleaning, cooking, helping with homework, helping kids bathe, doing dog things, making lunches, doing laundry, making bake-sale items, helping kids do presentations at school without flipping out, cleaning - and not even the deep-cleaning stuff that would actually get things clean, it's the clean-up before the clean and it's aggravating. And in the moments when a mom is physically doing these things, she is also planning on how to attack all of the other things on her to do list.

It's one of those days where I've just spent the last few days doing all of this, and while the husband goes off to some business meeting at evening, instead of me trying to get some groceries on an off moment, I forgot it is free skate night for the elementary school. So in the next little while, after I've done the dishes, made dinner, fed the dogs, coddled the old dog to please go potty outside, crated the dogs, and showered girls....I will be taking the girls to skate night.

That will be sheer pleasure for my congested head and sick for two weeks trying to shake this coughing body.

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Kerry said...

sorry you are sick, that just makes everything intolerable. Try and find a couple hours to yourself this weekend. The dishes will still be there (or maybe someone else will do them and they won't)