Saturday, April 3, 2010

क्नोच्क ओं वूड

The title really says "Knock on wood" so don't go thinking that I've gotten smart or knowledgable in another language that involves wingdings.

I've been kicking around a cold for the past four weeks that really ended two weeks ago, but this morning I am coughing up a lung like nobodies business.

But on another note, and the theme/subject of this post, is that my children have really reached a milestone in the past month or so of being quite loving and sweet... the majority of the time.
We have really come to a point as a family where we all have a great time with one another. Granted, we have all gotten along with one another, but this magnitude of the getting along has expanded. It started, I think, after I was away on a business trip for an entire week. The longest I had been away from the kids ever. And who knows, maybe, they really did miss me.
Little B is seriously growing like a weed and she is all cuddles and smiles and kisses and loves. She asked me last night while we were watching a movie, "Mom, can I come cuddle with you?" Like who would say no to that?
I am the one that wakes them up in the mornings now that the husband works earlier and I get to see their sweet baby-ness that lingers as they wake up. And B always asks me to carry her downstairs, which won't be something I can do for much longer, ha ha.
While they eat breakfast, I dry my hair on the kitchen heater vent (it's a curly-haired thing) and they tell me about random things. S tells us about her dreams which I think is the best. I love that she knows what a dream is and how to retell it. B is still at the I-think-I-had-a-dream-but-I'm-making-this-all-up stage.
S told us one about her uncle producing remote controlled horses from his magic coat and then her asking her dad where her uncle was and he told her he was in Wyoming, but no, he was standing next to him. So it's funny to hear, because I know she's not making this stuff up. B's dreams are about "ice cream, dogs and trampolines" ha ha!
I'm reading the "Happiness Project" book and it's giving me some goals and insight and I like that. It's a good reminder to work on being happy during good times to give yourself some power to help with happiness when hit with a bad or tragic time.
I'm also seeing a new therapist who I really like, so that is also helping me look at things in a different light and set some goals and help me get through extra anxious times. I've felt myself trying to drop into a low the past few days and I've been self-talking and writing to myself a lot and pushing myself to step back and look at things from a different perspective and that helps. Not always, but it helps in a different way.
Well, I figured I'd write this morning since I was to bed early last night as was up earlier this morning and I need to do the breakfast thing, work out with the husband and then off to Costco to brave the madness that is easter weekend. It is conference weekend too though, so I'm hoping if I go during the first session that it'll be less crazy. hahahahaha!


Kerry said...

so nice to read. I post so much when things are going bad that I just love to read a "happy" post.

I blame all the good things that are happening on the fact that you hired a housekeeper. A happy mommy = happy family.

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