Thursday, September 20, 2007


The stupid jaw hurts again.
The procedure I had done @ 3 weeks ago took the non-stop pain away, but now it's eardrum and lower jaw pain...not really sure how to explain it, but it's a little depressing.
I guess I'm trying to come to grips with the thought that I will most likely experience some level of pain for the remainder of my physical-being. Yay! How terribly exciting!
I have an appointment with hot doctor in three-weeks, after he has a short talk with my attorney (oh yes, there is a settlement/law-suit in process for this lovely accident) and I guess we'll see what happens. I'm really wanting to settle this sometime soon, as long as hot doctor can put in words (for the insurance company's sake) that I get to deal with this for a life-time, and go forward. Husband did mention that I have been grinding feroshishly the past few nights. (how the crap do you spell that? My widget is not working!)
I've paid a ridiculous amount of money out of pocket during the past year + and the bills now have got to be close to $25k. So figure in deductibles and no coverage towards hot doctor....and he is one expensive hotty. ha. So much for saving money the past year.
I was just thinking that I say almost every night that I want to go to bed early. And then 8:30 passes, and now it's 9:30, and my alarm goes off at, unless I'm *asleep* in fifteen minutes, I'm not even getting 8 hours tonight. Well hell, I can't help it, I've got some Pinot Grigio, Husband on the desktop doing work he brought home, me on the laptop and Globe Trekker is on. I can't go now.
It's supposed to be a cool weekend. Saturday we have plans for mountain-fall leaf family photos. If it doesn't rain. And I'm in Utah, rain is not the normal thing we see much of, but it's in the forecast. We shall see. I'm excited for cooler weather. I am more apt to turn the oven on and cook something worthwhile.
Until next time. Read Stephanie Meyer's Twilight's great reading.

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