Monday, October 1, 2007

Not much

I picked up B from school and she was lying on the floor off to the side with her blanket, shoes kicked off, thumb in her mouth, tears brewing. They had called me just before I had had enough of my work day anyway, so I headed off to get her. I guess her left ear starting hurting her. She's been stuffed up all weekend, but colds usually slide at school. This is the kid who had double ear infections and fluid build-up that caused temporary hearing loss, and didn't once complain about pain. So if she's telling me her ear hurts. Then is has really got to hurt.
So I stopped at the health store, got some goods, the daycare where S is at, she is into my type of homepathic stuff too, gave me some ear drops, which I had just lent to a co-worker. So she is upstairs with Lilo and Stitch and drugged up to some degree and says her ear doesn't hurt anymore. So that is good.
(I really wouldn't mind a calling-in-because-my-kid-is-sick day though)
The day flew by. It was busy.
And now laundry, dinner, homework completion and reading, and getting people feeling better and to bed are in my future. So I'd better get off of here and get to work.

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