Sunday, November 9, 2008

fancy myself, doing yardwork

Not much updating going on around here.

Just a lot of shed building, which, in turn, leads to me handling the fall yardwork.
It's honestly not too bad considering I let the husband purchase a Toro leaf blower. BUT, not only does it blow, but the lovely contraption also sucks. (and mulches)

So last week, I blew and sucked and mulched all the leaves in the backyard and yesterday I did it in the front yard. The kids and one neighbor kid were out there while I blew and they thoroughly enjoyed it. I blew leaves and them and they rolled around on the ground, yelled at me (the sucker's loud) to blow them in their faces, had me bury them in blown leaves. I laughed so hard, they were so funny.

And then I helped the husband lift 8 foot pieces of sheathing onto the roof of the shed and we actually got about 1/3 of the roof done in the dark. Woo-hoo!

We are aiming for the remaining of the wood to be on the roof, the drip edging installed and the tar paper/felting be nailed on by noon, so I had better get my butt and my coffee outside since we were being generous to the neighbors and thought we wouldn't start our noise until nine o'clock on this lovely sunday morning.


Justin &Tammy Taylor said...

Wow...I am impressed that you actually have a blog!!! LOL I miss you!

Brett and Shantel said...

Nice blog! Very entertaining.....didn't see any making fun of anyone maybe I need to look harder hahaha! Ready too take on another day of R tomorrow! LOL