Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seriously, I've been busy

I am such a drag lately. All of these fun-loving people doing Nablapopog-somethinglikethat and I'm not doing a thing.

I've been working hard at trying not to flip out every night after the sun descends and it's only 5:30, and trying not to snap at the kids for absolutely destroying the house with their toys and crafts and coats and shoes and socks and crayons and empty candy wrappers and the list goes on. It's like a landfill of things that will never, ever decompose and not nearly enough Zoloft to combat the mess.

I can say that the four-year old stage is taking me perilously close to the edge of insanity though.

B is killing me. Absolutely, menacingly, deliriously killing me. Slow and pain-like.

She is in to everything, her ears are on constant plugged mode, she is so naughty, and as sweet and loving as she is for about 5% of the time is not making up for the other 95% = hellish time.

I know five years is no cake walk, but I do remember it being a teensy bit better than four. Like being somewhat rational maybe 10% of the time.

The weather is beautiful in Utah. So very unlike November. I have walked at lunch every day this week and have just reveled in the sights and smells of an actual, real fall. Most of the time we go from ultra-wicked-hot, to one week of 70-60 degree weather and then BAM, it is full-fledged winter with snow, ice and freezing. I mean, my kids got warm in their fleecy halloween costumes this year. B was stripping off her top half of her cat costume. It reminded me of the first year we took S out. It was TWELVE degrees. Hideous!

The husband had received some unsettling news yesterday at work that has us worried. We are okay, but it's the type of news that hits too close and shows you how vunerable we are and how quickly we can be turned upside down. Okay, let me rephrase that. I am okay. I am not sure about the husband. He was upset about it last night. And it's kind of one of those things you just really don't want to talk about in the hopes that maybe the conversation won't have to come up again.

Time will tell.

The shed has a roof and is fully shingled. That husband and I make a good team, we really do, and it makes me smile to know this as a fact and how much fun we have had (along with the pains) in our home projects these past 10 years in this house.

He is making Gin and Tonics and he asked if there was tonic downstairs and I said yes. And then I said "I only want a splash of tonic" He repeated that in a utter disbelief sort of way. "Oh yes" I forgot to say "I want the remainder to be Club Soda"

I am watching those extra calories you know.

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Amberlee said...

I love your stories, they are great. I hope everything is okay with the hubby. E-mail me when you get a chance.