Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can't talk. Reading.

I swear, I'm alive.

I've just been reading reading reading. And when I'm not sleeping, I'm reading.

I sure as hell am not sleeping much either.

The impending birthdays of my children have got me a little sappy sad as of late though.

I found an old photo of the two of them that's almost five years old and boy did it get me in sap-mom-mode.

I brought it to work to make life that much more unbearable.

They are also spending two nights this week over at my parents and that has got me just terrified.

Not that my parents can't handle two sweet girls, it's just that they won't be right here with me. Within arms reach.

Crazy how some times they can drive you completely bonkers and you tell them you can't wait to repeat their behavior on them when they are teenagers and then you want them super small babies, cuddly again. Like now.

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Kerry said...

I can't believe they are going to be sleeping over. You are doing way too many nights away from them all at once. I would probably have to sleep out in bruno just so I could be close. we are still doing "almost overs". by the time I am ready to let them sleep over, I'll be too terrified of the Aaron hijinx they'll be up too and I won't be able to let them out of my sight.