Friday, June 12, 2009

No-Slip drawers

For some INSANE reason, the reason being I must have been high on glue when I signed up for these, I subscribed to Martha Stewart's "Daily Organizing Tip". (stupid)

And there have been plenty of times where I wanted to post her daily tip and say WHAT? YOU ORGANIZE WHAT? and why in the hell would I ever, if I ever even found the extra time, do this?

Today's tip came to me in an email titled, No-slip Drawers, and I thought,
"Is this a common problem with people, are people's drawers slipping"
(like, duh, falling off because they have no bum?)
No, no. Nothing practical like that because hello I have an almost five-year old who has a serious case of crack and could use something miraculous not including rainbow suspenders. Because I am slightly still in fear of some janitor at the court house who would find my missing badge and coming swangerling down the hall saying "Is CARRIE here? I found her baaadgeeee" all the while sporting some fabulous rainbow suspenders.

So today, folks, we have this handy organizing tip.


No-Slip Drawers
This artists' drawing-board liner has a slightly rubbery surface that keeps sharp implements stationary and wipes clean easily.
Plus, This Week's Tips

This is for those of you who have enough room in your kitchen drawers that when you yank that sucker open to stab an intruder, you don't have to dig through random other kitchen utensils and you can grab whatever suffices for that moment in time.

Oy, just the sight of that gets my OCD shuddering because think of when they moved just a millimeter and they needed to be straightened and heaven forbid someone not line them up in their correct height order.
In fact, the third knife from the left is cockeyed to the right and making me twitch.

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Kerry said...

you would have to have little chalk outlines for the knives like they do for dead people on the sidewalk.