Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random bits of sunshine.

You would think that between the many motherly, and working duties I have, I would have enough time to update this thing.

Alas, I do not.

Damn you, sunshine, for slowly creeping out of my life for the next five months...leaving me to drive to work and back again in the dark cold of winter.

Damn you, good summer books, for sucking up any extra time I have and making me lounge around, snuggling up to the warm bodies of my children while they do extracurricular television watching, preparing their brains for the return of school in two short weeks.

I guess a damn you was a little harsh in that situation. You books are only encouraging me to lounge around. It also gives me a little time to myself to indulge in your fantasies while sitting around the swimming pool during the 4 weeks of lessons we've managed to fit in this year.

We had a cold front roll through Utah over the weekend (the warmth is back thank you) and it made me deliriously happy to feel a chill on my arms, to put on a hoodie, to wear jeans. But I also enjoy walking out of my freezing chilled office in the afternoon and feeling the warmth hit me and envelope me while I walk to my car...just enough of a walk that I enjoy the warmth and it takes the goosebumps I sported for the entire day away.

It is now time for a bit more reading before I feed the girls and haul them off for the last few days of swim lessons. I'm so proud, they're both like fishes.
Cute. Sassy. Multi-colored-swim-suited-fishes.

The husband has encouraged me to dig into the weight lifting exercise that I'm craving and I'm taking a one on one class with a cross fit trainer tomorrow.
Maybe I'll tune you in to the most sore of sore muscles the day after.
That is, if I can walk to the computer.

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Anonymous said...

I love sassy multi-colored fishes.