Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, from Wisconsin

That is what my sorry-ass texted my brother earlier. It's a classic family-that-I'm-from way to say Happy Birthday since I'm a slacker that couldn't SEND you a birthday card, but could remember to TEXT you in-between connecting flights to Wisconsin....

I am currently sitting on a King-Sized bed in the very freaking cold state of Wisconsin. It's COLD dammit.

I spent the majority of my day in an airplane and/or in an airport. So I went out to dinner and got a chimichanga at some off-the-wall restaurant, and it was amazing, with a somewhat co-worker of mine, and then went to get some beer.

I walked around in awe at the *refrigerated* beer selection (which in Utah, you do not get) so I was like a kid in a candy store...then I get back to my room and realize I have purchased 6 beers that require a bottle opener to open.

Most of our luggage does have a bottle opener since we have, many times, come across this predicament, but alas, my luggage does not have one. I, amazed myself, by wrenching a lid off a bottle by using the door jam thingee to the bathroom and popped one off. (Without damaging anything in the process) Yay for me!

So between the lovely time change and flying to a different time zone change, I am screwed up. More than usual. My body feels like it is only 7:25.... and in the state I am in tonight, it is currently 9:25. THAT SUCKS!

I have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow to go to a in breakfast...getting dressed..opening my eyes...when it will feel like so many hours, two to be exact, before my body wants to get up.

I am certain that the beer and the muscle relaxer and the hot shower I just took will make it extra easy to get up in the morning.

Well, it is about time to dry my hair (so I can sleep in a little bit later) and try to ease into a sleep that will most likely be interrupted by slamming doors, mysterious loud arguments in the middle of the night in the hallways, and, of course, the upstairs neighbors' toilets flushing throughout the night. Oh yes, can't forget about the loud heater turning on which lets you remember that it is still in the room with you.

I miss my kids and the husband.

I miss my debit card that I forgot to grab from the ATM when I got cash yesterday.

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