Monday, March 3, 2008

Can I give her back?

Can one get a refund on their child? I know I KNOW. I can hear the gasps and grumbling, but I have been having some real issues with one 6 year old.

She has been so ultimately sassy and just plain HORRIBLE the past few days..mainly, the past three, that I am at my wits end.

She was awful all weekend. Even the husband was frustrated and upset with her. And it takes a lot to ruffle his feathers when it comes to his little girls.

Then I go to pick her up after school today. Which I do not do often, mind you, so I reminded her over and over that I would be picking her up, where to be..blahblahblabblaaaaa....and I wait. 5 minutes pass.....10 minutes pass....14 minutes pass and a car comes into the otherwise empty drop off/pick up area, and who else is in her car, but the very 6 year old I am waiting, somewhat frazzled, for.


I was calm. Bless my heart, I was calm. I explained to her that I was waiting for her and WHY did she decide to get in someone elses car? WHY, pray tell, did you get in someone elses car when you KNEW I WOULD BE THERE?
So we come home and I send her upstairs to potty it up and wash her hands while I call the husband and close myself in the laundry room.
So instead of us going out to the library to spend some mother/daughter time together....we go pick up the little sister and go to the health food store when the 6 year old proceeds to squish empty gel capsules when I tell her repeatedly to PUT THEM BACK in my best shush-scream..and then she antagonizes the 3 year old by squeezing her arms, making her fall, running around the very small aisles....all in a matter of us being in the store for less than 60 seconds.
SIGH. SIGH....sigh
So, I sit the 6 year old on a small stool and say "Don't move your butt from this seat until we are ready to go"
We have been dealing with her having fear issues at night and turning all her damn lights on and I was going to look through a quick homeopathic book to see what something said about this. I open the page to the index and I hear a CRASH.....and see a bottle fall off the shelf...and two workers come around the corner...and I'm thinking, oh she drops a bottle and how did it make that sound? Well, they pull the damn FIRE EXTIUNGUISHER from the side of the 6 year old and ask her if she is okay. I go over and ask her if she was messing with it to make it fall and they want to make sure she didn't get hit by it and if she's okay. She says she okay and she didn't do anything.
So I grab both girls' hands at this point and throw us in line, utterly PISSED by this point. Buy my acidophilus and leave.
I guess she pushed her head up against it and it fell off the hook. My hell. I swear.

So I sent her straight to her room to do homework and reading and the husband and I are having a very serious discussion with her tonight.

Let me tell you that most of our *serious* discussions end up with her covering her ears and yelling at us.

We are doomed.

Well, it is time to make dinner. I am starving, absolutely famished.
Last week at work was horrendous due to my sicko, call in sick sick sicko, worked a big, whopping 3 hours total last week.
I've had it with her. No more Mrs. nice boss from me. The stick falls here.

I also have to fly to Wisconsin for business next week for a whirlwind trip that involves one whole day of a conference.

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