Monday, April 28, 2008

Home again, home again, Jiggety jag

kiss all the girls and make them gag.

That was my family's version of that rhyme.

I am at home, with a sick B. She is snotty, coughy and still sleeping...and it's almost nine o'clock. She was up at various hours of the night, along with myself, coughing coughing. Poor baby. Or as she likes to call herself "Baby Cat" or the newest pet name "Scooby-a-Doo". It's adorable.

Donde Esta? Matt Lauer?
That is the good thing about staying home. I get to sit on the new couch, with a cup o coffee and my laptap, and the best thing of all? Matt Lauer. Meow.
That is why nothing ever got done around my house when I stayed at home. Mr. Lauer was at my beck and call for a good three hours in the morning, and I couldn't get anything accomplished with *that* around.

It is supposed to be in the high 70's today, so there will be some good, quality-cuddling-on-a-blanket in the sun, time that will happen between B and I.
The girls and I had some of that yesterday afternoon and we shared carrots with the dog. He also loves Dilly of a dip on his carrots. Just like me.

Well, there really isn't much going on. I did LOADS, honestly, loads of laundry all weekend. And it really started on Thursday night. Sheesh. Last week's camping at Moab adventure really set me up for being so far behind. 544-9566 - Rebecca. I am taking phone messages. Ha. So anyone can give her a call if they would like. If you can be the sleuth that I know most of you are, you can figure out the area code and ring ol Rebecca up.

It is now time for another cup of coffee. It's very tasty when you get to enjoy it without anyone, with the exception of Rebbeca, bothering you.

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