Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday Blahs

The results of the before-mentioned Holter monitor came back as "normal". In other words, I do not have any arrythmias. I do have a very fast resting heart rate though, and I started some beta-blockers to see if that can curb the pounding of the heart and the sympathetic nerve issues.

I honestly feel like some druggie.
I take my anxiety stuff and a beta blocker in the am hours, followed up by a schlew of vitamins...magnesium, zinc, c, b, cod liver oil and flaxseed oil. In the evening before bed, it's acidophilus, calcium, more flaxseed and a bit of a muscle relaxer so I can sleep without my jaw in the locked position.

Does that sound normal?

Okay, okay, I have realized that I am far from being normal, and that's okay. But lately, with all the extra meds, it makes me wary.

My newest girl at work lost her baby at 8 and 1/2 weeks and had a D & C today. I feel utterly sad for her. This is her second loss. How horrible.

I ordered her a nice flower arrangement and hope she is okay.

I got a little ornery near the end of my work-day, and it filtered into my evening and I just feel down I guess. Listened to Radiohead, the Bends, and I was just sad. Still am. Don't know why. I think I need some extra sleep tonight since I tried last night and that did not happen.

My little B looked so stinking cute today. Had on a long sleeved yellow shirt with a coralish pink shirt with a bird on it over that. And darling new shoes and a sparkle in her eye. I took some photos when I got home. We'll see when I actually download them off my camera...GEE.

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