Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Please, someone make them move

I have been at the computer for, honestly, four minutes. The only thing I have heard in the past four minutes is the never-ending wail of someone crying. The girls are outside playing kickball with their dad (god only knows what they are really doing) and first S, comes in the house howling, goes outside still crying...it stops momentarily, and then B is crying.

Seriously, I can only imagine the neighbors, slamming their windows that face our backyard, in pure agony of another night with the M family playing outside with all that sisterly love. The really really wonderful thing is that our closest neighbor also happens to be a case worker for the DCFS (Division of Child and Family Services), so I have to watch my screaming mouth for fear of retribution.

Work is annoying. Once I deal with one annoying employee, then there is another, and then another and I get so excited to deal with all the hormones and insecurity and complaints and UGH. Make it stop. If I am really making your life so tough, then find another damn job! Just because I expect you to come to work (if you can do that) and actually WORK, I know, it IS terribly bitchy of me to even think that you should do that whilst clocked in and getting paid.


I try so hard not to come home and hit the bottle during the week, and then have to deal with complete morons all day when I could be at home babysitting my own children for god's sake. They at least give me some love throughout the day after they say they hate me for making them sit and read and do their homework. At work you just get hated and backstabbed and complained about behind your back. For being so mean

I LOVE those employees.

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