Sunday, May 18, 2008

We've got Spots

My dearest three-year old, Baby-Cat-B, has the chicken pox.

What started out with two, tiny blistery bumps on her neck, have now appeared on every part of her little bhudda-bellied body.

She is perfectly fine, otherwise. She currently has a bathing suit on, and is ready for some pool action because of our hotter than normal temperatures.

S is paranoid that she shouldn't get too close to her as she will get them too. Sorry to break it to you child, but you have already been exposed before we knew this was happening, so we'll see what happens. S was exposed when she was younger and never actually "got" them. The husband has never had them either so she may be his little clone.

I'll have to say that I'm one of those wacky vaccine-freaked moms that doesn't get all the recommended vaccinations for her children. So flog me now.
But, hell, I'm not worried. I've had them. And I may even have a younger sister who can watch little B for a few days this week if the need arises.

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