Monday, May 26, 2008

Remembering the bricks

The dear husband is outside, in the pouring rain, removing the old bricks from our old garden-turned-playground. It's a little sad to see the morphing of what once was to what will be. Sad to see the hours of back-breaking, brick placing labor and the bricks that broke the leaf springs on the truck, get pried out of their resting place for the last nine years. Only to be replaced with grass.

In other news, the pox are all scabbed over and B is ready to go back to school. Hooray! There are only 4 days left of school for both girls. Yikes! That means, in three short months, S will be going into 2nd grade and B will be in year two of "preschool". That means, that in three weeks, S will be SEVEN and and two months later, B will be FOUR. How did this happen? How did my babies get to be so old? How did they get to be so sassy and argumentative? How can they be so sweet and yet so mean at the same time? Sad. I find myself pausing at their beds when I check on them before I hit the sack, and just look at their sweet little faces while they sleep. Their long eyelashes, their sweet, soft cheeks, their pouty lips, so sweet and angelic. It's a good vision to go to sleep on. In the mornings I smooch them up until they have to say "Moooom! Stop!"

The husband and I snatched some leftover sod from across the street last night. In the dark of the night, with the wheelbarrow in tow, we barreled across the street and got ourselves six rolls of sod. Bwaahaaahaaa.

Well, the husband has come back inside so I'm going to warm up the wafflemaker again and bust him out some breakfast.

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