Friday, July 18, 2008

And where could my futon mattress be?

Oh yes, it is still in the bed of the truck.

Let's hope no wasps have taken up residence on/in/around it.

Someone received a very thin envelope from the IRS in the mail the form of a fabulous stimulus check.

I have been stimulated.

Both girls are tired and bundled up in blankets on the couch, lounging into the beginning of the weekend.

I had all intentions of going upstairs to work out, so far, I have not felt that urge.
Ugh, I need some damn motivation.

And what better motivation do I have than the fact that I'm going to be on a waterfront lake in a few short days, most likely in a bikini, to motivate my ass upstairs? Well, there is no better motivation than that and yet, I still sit on this couch.

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