Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finally, the moment, uh, stimulus check, I've been waiting for

Ah, it's a long weekend, it's hot, still, and I'm home a little early from work.
The children are tired, but happy and we've dragged all the toys, bathing suits and extra clothes from the babysitter's into the house.
I've picked up the mail and what? What could this envelope be?
It is labeled from the IRS, but it is a very thick envelope.


I'm thinking there is not going to be a check in here.

I open it, scan it very briefly.....very very briefly, shove it back where it came from and head upstairs to put something less hot and work-like on for the reading of this.
Hell, if I were smart, I'd put some Gin on Ice before I read this.

We could have received our stimulus check starting May 19th and have yet to see or hear word about a thing. So now with this thick ol envelope, my hopes are dashed, I'm thinking *AUDIT* and I'm scared.

With my shorts and tank-top on I read the letter...Dear R and C blah blah, enclosed is blah blah and please read the next page to see what we need from you blah blah and if you don't send what we need, we will either determine if you owe us, more, or if we need to minimize your return (uh, what return thank you).

So I read the second, long page, and at the end it says that WE DID NOT SIGN OUR RETURN and we NEED TO SIGN THE RETURN in order for them to send us a check (within 6-8 weeks of whenever the hell they decide whatnot) because I'm not sure if it says they will even send a check.


Here is what gets me:
Number 1:
We filed electronically via TurboTax in April. This has never been an issue before...the electronic signing of said tax return.

Number 2:
They were sure quick as hell to CASH THE LARGE SUM ON THE CHECK(S) WE MAILED THEM without our SIGNATURE accompanying our return. That sure didn't pose a problem to them.


I guess I was already to the point that IF I saw a mysterious stimulus check get mailed to us, I would figure, hooray, a bonus to us and let's pay off the couch. And if not, then, screw them.

Well, bring on the long weekend. We did neighborhood fireworks last night and stayed out too late, we're doing the drive-in tonight...perfect weather for that kind of thing. Parade (maybe) tomorrow and evening fireworks and hopefully a trip to Banana Republic to check out their summer sale.

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