Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How come a ghost from outer space keeps ham and chicken around?

Wouldn't we all like to know the answer to that question?

Another question I, personally, would like to know is "What is the deal with bangs?"

All of a sudden, at work, it has become quite the rage.
Now believe me when I say, that these are people who are just catching on to bangs when they were made cool in the 70's. That is how far behind the city is that my work is located in.

Don't be jealous now.

People who have no style, none I tell you, have decided to get some bangs introduced into their daily hairstyle of doing nothing to their hair.

They then proceed to talk about it. "I was told by my super-hot sister in law that she thought my bangs were cute and she got them too" what was not mentioned was "I didn't get my grays covered or my mustache waxed, but gol durn it, I got me some bangs"

Then another girl got them and she said later that she cried when she first looked in the mirror. I'm not sure if the crying was due to the bang introdcution or the sheer wrongness of the red color that was attached to her hair folicles.

Keep in mind, I am no hair genius. No no. I am a curly-haired freak who is just one hair gel bottle away from a wicked fro, so there is not much change-up in my daily hair routine.
I also think that some people look perfectly delightful with bangs, so don't get me wrong by any means. There are just some people who should not be talking about style. NOT when these people are still wearing dresses/muu-muu's from the 80's.

I turned around to a co-worker and asked her how she thought I would look with bangs. Oh boy, just the look on her face and my fit of giggles summed it up into a big, fat NO. Oh hell no.

Well, my children have most likely spent the past eight hours watching Scooby Doo with the babysitter and seem a little strung out. So I must try and do some wearing out. It's either that or scream at them to stop jumping on the couch, and my lips would much rather be wrapped around the rim of a cold drink, so we'll go outside for a while.

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