Saturday, August 2, 2008

Give me three months

and I'll give you three birthday's. And that is only within my four-peopled family. The extended family is nuts in the summer.

Four years ago today, I gave birth to my baby B. She had a full head of highlighted blonde hair that honestly looked like she had a wig. She had full eyebrows and thick eyelashes. She came into the world with eyes open, looking serenely at the doctor who made it for the last push. B.K.L.M. Yes, her mother is still the nut who delivers two middle names.

She has had a full two days of family parties, sleepovers, hours at the waterpark, not enough sleep, lots of wild fun, dinner, cake, ice-cream cones and a new scooter and bike. (amongst other various toys galore)

She is my joy and I am sad to see her grow up. I like to watch her sleep when I check in on her before I hit the sack. She has this pouty look to her and I think it's because her lips are frozen in *I just took my thumb out of my mouth* mode.

She is so determined and can be such a pest, but at the same time does the cutest things and has the cutest ways.

She calls herself Baby Cat and if she's awake and alert when I say good morning to her, she will always do a little *meow* for me and give me kisses.


Happy Birthday, Baby Cat. Stay as spunky as you are now, for someday you are destined to use that personality in your everyday life.

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