Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I got nothin'

Nothing at all. No luck in the non-thumb-suckage, no luck in getting a good night's sleep, no motivation, no fitting non-snuglike in my pants, nada.

I left work at one today for a good nap. My room felt like it was about 90 degrees and the dog snuggled his warm arse right up next to me to nudge the heat up just a few more degrees.

I have an annoying cough, and just felt like crap today and came home and slept like the dead for a few hours, with the exception of the few coughing attacks I had that jarred me awake.

Picked up the kids and took them to swim lessons. They loved it and are doing a great job at trying to be friends with the water. B was dunking her entire head and pushing herself off the side and kicking her legs. S was doing the same, and she is the one that took the longest to make friends with said water. The first kid always seems to have more of a disadvantage in learning some new things. When you have an older sibling to look up to, you sure do a lot of things a lot sooner than the first.

The days are noticablly getting shorter, which bums me out, I have really enjoyed our summer. We've only have a few days in the 100's, unlike last year when we had an entire summer of record breaking high temps. This is much better and bearable. Public school starts in two weeks and S is going to school with B this week as our babysitter is gone. She loves it. Asked if she could go there for school instead. I said we need to try 2nd grade out in public school and see if she is challenged, and go from there.

Affording two private school tuitions would suck a lot of $$ from our budget. Our budget needs to pay for two, new Mac's that are on their way.

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