Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am a complete glutton for punishment.

I sit here, somewhat hiding, in the computer room while my darling children cry and fight and howl and disembowel the sofa of its cushions and I think to myself why. Why do I even bother?

Why do i set myself up for something that is just going to piss me off?

I signed them up for dance classes tonight, and the way the times are set up, I'm going to spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays just shuffling kids to dance lessons. Ugh.

And then are completely rotten right now. They are tired, tired, and mad at me for not looking for the television remotes. Instead, I go out and find the cushions off the sofa and they cry when I said I'm done looking.

So S is spewing her normal tiredness crap at me and I'm sick of it all.

The husband is going to be late.

I'm off to get their princess meltdowns to bed before I scream.

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