Friday, September 12, 2008


A wonderful man, being my husband, came home tonight with my *fixed* shirt from Banana Republic and I look in the bag for my shirt, and there is a new iPod. 120G...yay!

My old, 20G crapped out on me a few months ago and I oh so miss it. Especially at work when I'm desperately trying to tune the people out around me. I had it for over three years, and we tried to fix battery...but couldn't even get it to turn on. You could just hear the harddrive kick up and turn over and over and not ever turn all the way on. So it would finally die and give you a said iPod icon and/or a folder. Poor thing.

The husband went to get me one the other night, with a big fat hint from me, and he came home saying they had already sold out of them (just announced that day) but got himself a touch. Damn, that thing is cool. So I was a little bummed out for a few days. But now I wait patiently for 3,500 songs to sync on my "Number 2". That is what I named it. ha.

I may even put some episodes of Gossip Girl and the Sarah Silverman Show on there....when it gets slow at work. :)

And, of course, some photos of the fam. As soon as the husband shows me where the correct cord is on this new Mac, I will upload some new photos since my memory card is full of dogs and beach-butt-crack shots.

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Ashley said...

Geez I couldn't begin to imagine who you are trying to drone out over there ha ha!!