Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doing a bang-up job

School is back in session. New pencils have been purchased from an extravagant splurge at the Hello Kitty Store. The non-grubby clothes have resurfaced for the wearing. There is homework to be done.

We went to back-to-school-night on Tuesday.

Sat around, listened to PTA people spew their PTA-stuff, went to S's classroom, met her teacher, got a run-down of what they are doing blah blah, please sign up and volunteer..I need two volunteer's a day. (WHA?) Yeah, I'll get back to you on that one.

I did sign up to volunteer for home projects I can do to help the teacher out and the Halloween party, so don't count me out as a complete slacker.

I gazed up on the wall at what looked like a little project the kid's had done in class with thumb-prints (awwww) that were made into faces. Happy, Sad and Angry faces.

S's went a little something like this:

Happy Thumb Print: I am happy when my sister shares with me.
Sad Thumb Print: I am sad when my mom yells at me.
Angry Thumb Print: I really don't know or remember what this one said, but I'm quite certain it didn't reference me.

Good hell.
I did a quick glance at the other kids' thumbprints and saw no mention of their mom's.


So it is now known to, at least S's teacher and whatever other parent's that check out the penmanship of their child's peers (like me) at how great of a job I am doing and the lasting effects I have on my kid. Geez.

She does have fantastic penmanship. I am so proud.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Why is it that I absolutely, try as hard as I might, can not open the Macaroni and Cheese blue box by pushing in the side (where is says PUSH) so I can pull back the top?

I can't.

Boy, it frustrates the shit out of me.

I must have weak fingers.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Excuse me

while I drool a little.

New, fast computers are so much fun.

Especially when you get two, so there is no hogging.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I got nothin'

Nothing at all. No luck in the non-thumb-suckage, no luck in getting a good night's sleep, no motivation, no fitting non-snuglike in my pants, nada.

I left work at one today for a good nap. My room felt like it was about 90 degrees and the dog snuggled his warm arse right up next to me to nudge the heat up just a few more degrees.

I have an annoying cough, and just felt like crap today and came home and slept like the dead for a few hours, with the exception of the few coughing attacks I had that jarred me awake.

Picked up the kids and took them to swim lessons. They loved it and are doing a great job at trying to be friends with the water. B was dunking her entire head and pushing herself off the side and kicking her legs. S was doing the same, and she is the one that took the longest to make friends with said water. The first kid always seems to have more of a disadvantage in learning some new things. When you have an older sibling to look up to, you sure do a lot of things a lot sooner than the first.

The days are noticablly getting shorter, which bums me out, I have really enjoyed our summer. We've only have a few days in the 100's, unlike last year when we had an entire summer of record breaking high temps. This is much better and bearable. Public school starts in two weeks and S is going to school with B this week as our babysitter is gone. She loves it. Asked if she could go there for school instead. I said we need to try 2nd grade out in public school and see if she is challenged, and go from there.

Affording two private school tuitions would suck a lot of $$ from our budget. Our budget needs to pay for two, new Mac's that are on their way.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Smurf it all

There seems to be a pattern here.

A television-watching pattern.

Okay. Okay. It's the only way that I can get 23 minutes of peace and quiet and less "Moom, look at ________ " (Insert anything there. anything )

Tonight's menu: Smurfs. Just in case you didn't remember, if you listen closely, you just might hear Gargamel's rage.

I never realized how often they replace an adjective with "Smurf".

That's a Smurfingly Smurf storm Smurfing our way!
Oh Smurf is me!
There are times, Clumsy, when you Smurf my patience.

Okay, I made that first one up, but sometimes, I swear...I just swear.

Smurfette is currently wearing rose-colored glasses and is seeing Gargamel as someone handsome and lovely and I think he looks a lot like Bruce Campbell. A cartoon Bruce Campbell. Ha!

Well, enough of the play by play of my cartoon life.

Work is boring and I have zero motivation. None whatsoever. I've been sitting, listening to the Twilight series audio books and what I read and enjoyed last year or so is now annoying the hell out of me and my listening to it.
Either it's the realization that the main character whines and complains NON-STOP or the fact that the reader of said stories is also annoying as hell and I do not enjoy her rendition of the books.
I was so bugged this morning that I did some fast forwarding. "Whine. Click. Whine. Click."
I IM'd a friend and asked her when Edward came back in the second book because I'm sick and tired of all the wo is me.

I just finished The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly and really enjoyed it. Went to the library to find book two as it is a trilogy. Yeah, right. No such luck there.

I will be biding my time at work tomorrow, ordering a few reads from Amazon. That is one of the only places I can go online without being blocked.

Took the kids to the dentist Monday and the thumb sucker's JAW is being repositioned due to the thumb sucking.


Her teeth aren't doing anything, but her jaw, of all things, is. Help me.
I really need an intervention involving her and her thumb. I don't want it to involve taking away her blanket or shaving her head...since the blanket and her hair immediately send the thumb into her mouth.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Give me three months

and I'll give you three birthday's. And that is only within my four-peopled family. The extended family is nuts in the summer.

Four years ago today, I gave birth to my baby B. She had a full head of highlighted blonde hair that honestly looked like she had a wig. She had full eyebrows and thick eyelashes. She came into the world with eyes open, looking serenely at the doctor who made it for the last push. B.K.L.M. Yes, her mother is still the nut who delivers two middle names.

She has had a full two days of family parties, sleepovers, hours at the waterpark, not enough sleep, lots of wild fun, dinner, cake, ice-cream cones and a new scooter and bike. (amongst other various toys galore)

She is my joy and I am sad to see her grow up. I like to watch her sleep when I check in on her before I hit the sack. She has this pouty look to her and I think it's because her lips are frozen in *I just took my thumb out of my mouth* mode.

She is so determined and can be such a pest, but at the same time does the cutest things and has the cutest ways.

She calls herself Baby Cat and if she's awake and alert when I say good morning to her, she will always do a little *meow* for me and give me kisses.


Happy Birthday, Baby Cat. Stay as spunky as you are now, for someday you are destined to use that personality in your everyday life.