Monday, January 26, 2009

Find me a dirty boy

I really don't have much to say.

I've been ridiculously busy.

At work, at home, busy in my head most of the day...useless thoughts...When will I lose my job? Does B have any clean pajamas? Are the dogs snacking out of the cat pan? What's for dinner? What is on tv? What the HELL? Who can I find on facebook? Why won't Amber update her private blog already? Why can't I drink booze everydamnday and NOT gain weight? WHY? Where did my cursor go? Oh yeah, what about that job thing?

I swear. The husband's job sucks, who know how much longer I may have a job...Good times. GOOD TIMES.

Good economy. Good lord.

And that's it.

I'm thinking a lot of people out there are stuck in the same rut as myself.


Laurel and the boys said...

Yeah, why isn't Amber updating her stinking private blog?!?

Shantel said...

Well we are screwed if we lose our jobs! Plus then we won't have good times of going and getting oatmeal and eating lunch and talking crap on all of the WONDERFUL people we work with!

Justin &Tammy Taylor said...

Fun times! I sure miss you. I too am full of random thoughts ALL day long....LOL. Good luck with things.

Amberlee said...

That Amber sure is a Loser. I guess I am just to busy reading other peoples blogs, they are much more exciting. Just like this one. How is the hubby's job? They better not let him go if his boss knows what is good for them. How are things with your job-e-job. You could always watch kids from home, think of the fun.