Friday, January 9, 2009

One call, that's all.

I've been at work for the past hour and have had one call.

I'm sure I'm only jinxing myself by making it known in written form.

I turned older yesterday and it was actually a really nice day. Bought myself some stuff, received some stuff, ate some stuff....tamales and ice cream. Yummmm.

My internet barriers are down at work, so I'm entertaining myself by going on facebook and checking out and , the two I can't see at work. I can read them via google reader, but cannot see the photos that go along with them.

Well, the bosses are arriving and my oatmeal is cold, so it's time to look the part of working for awhile.

edited to add that my links didn't work. WTH? I guess I'll have to work on that. Later.


Steph said...

Wahoo!! Websense was down! LOL Take advantage while you can! Ha ha! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! When are we having another dinner?? We need to catch up!

Laurel and the boys said...

Happy belated birthday Carrie!! And what? You're on Facebook and we're not friends?

Amberlee said...
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