Friday, January 2, 2009

You guys are going to kill yourselves

Words of Wisdom from a seven year old while her mom and dad attempt to dance to the "Expert" level on Dance Dance Revolution.

Yes, we suck. But, DAMN, we are breaking a sweat and laughing HARD.


Amberlee said...

Could you get some pics of this please, I will pay you top dolla. Holy blast from the past, I ran into Mindy today and I got an email from Michelle a while ago. Craz-e right.

Laurel and the boys said...

I love that! I miss all of you guys.

Shantel said...

Dance dance is so fun! That is way cute that you guys do it....:) Atleast you don't hear Jillian saying "If you feel like your going to die stick with Anita!" Oh man I am sticking to Anita and I am going to DIE! SO NOW WHAT! Lol