Thursday, October 4, 2007

go ahead, stick a crayon in it

B has a cold which turned into infections of both ears and her eyes....she woke up yesterday AM with her eye completely gooped shut. I stayed home with her. Tonight, she is so pesty and she's in the computer room sticking a crayon in her eye.
Good hell child.
S is getting it too.
S also gets a little brag as her teacher called last week and told us that she is reading at a third-grade level...she is in first grade..she is also in here right now analyzing the keyboard and telling me the difference between our keyboard and the ones at school. ie: a Mac keyboard and a PC keyboard. So observant.
B is now making the poor cuckoo *cuck* involuntarily. The nice, Austrian. cuckoo clock that was my grandmother's...that somehow lost a few screws in transit from her home after she passed away, and we don't know what to do with it.
Our hamster is also loose in the house. We haven't seen him since Tuesday morning. I wonder how long he can go without water? I'm sure he's good on food, he has a few layers of fat that could pull him through a small famine, but I worry about lack of water. Unless he is sneaking water out of the cat bowl. I'm pretty sure she hasn't terrorized him yet either. In fact, I'll bet she would be deathly afraid of little Tom.

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