Sunday, October 7, 2007

Damn hamster!

You know the precious little hamster, Tom, that I mentioned had gotten loose in our house?
Little Tom, we are quite certain, has met his demise in the AIR VENTS in the house.
Let me tell you something gross. It is NOT a nice smell. It is like sitting in a small room with a heavily used catpan that has not been changed in at least four weeks. It is awful.
We sent out many emergency calls to air duct cleaners yesterday in hopes someone would hear the panic and dread in our voices.
Someone is coming in tomorrow. It is not cheap. To clean and fog the vents is going to cost just shy of $500.00.
I am very pissed off at hamsters right now.
It is COLD and we need the heater to come on, and we've set it so low that we are freezing the other members of the house.
And we wake up this morning...still dark outside mind you, to this weird opera-meets-elephant like noise coming from our refrigerator. Like it's trying to tell us in a very loud, and somewhat disturbing way that it is going to most likely die soon. *So replace me! Before I die! Before all the new yogurt and cottage cheese you bought goes rancid on account of me!*
What is next? Don't ask, because I'm superstitious like that. Knock on wood or knock on the body of a dead hamster, if you could find him that is!
I also have a cold, that I was dealing with just fine yesterday, and late last night turned in to me, talking like a frog. Nice!
I'm going to work though. I can not sit here at home in the stench of decay.
I am going to post a photo of the escape route the hamster took. Now I just need to go find the bubble he gnawed through since I think the cage has already been put in the garage. We don't need any more reminders, like you can't get past the smell, that a hamster has been here.

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