Saturday, October 13, 2007

Neverending home projects

When will it stop? We get one thing half-assed finished or figured out, and then it's something else.
Tom, the before mentioned, hamster, was not in the furnace cooking. The husband said that he would never reach the furnace because the airconditioning unit/coils are located on top of the furnace. So he took all sorts of items apart and found the hamster in the airconditioning coils.
The smell is taking us a bit of work to get fully rid of.
We got our new, special sized-to-order, refrigerator this morning...which got dented somewhere in transit, but we got a whopping 10% off for (and you can't see it once it's in place)...and the DAMN thing is about 2 millimeters too tall to get under our cabinets!
So we tried to stick whatever perishable back in to it, went to a soccer game, went to Lowes to find something to trim some wood off the bottom of the cabinets and the husband is up there now, whittling away some wood.
No. We would not be lucky enough to get something that fits in there right the first time. I guess the specs they have for appliances don't include the damn wheels they are sitting on. (?) That only makes sense doesn't it? Why bother about measuring everything attached to the appliance. Oh my hell.
It's so aggravating that I'm in the computer room with a rice krispie treat. They are so good and tasty. If they weren't so soft and delicious, I wouldn't want one. So why can't they get stale already so I'll quit gnawing on them.
I've been going to the chiropractor for terrible lower back and sciatic pain too, and it hurts SO bad right now, and I went to go find my ice pack to numb some pain....and it looks like I left in in the old fridge! That Lowes took with them!!
Life is Grand!
Oh great, I can hear two monsters in my bed upstairs...who are supposed to be *resting* watching a movie.....and it sounds like there is some jumping. I'd better hobble up the stairs and take care of that. Maybe sneak in a nap. Right.

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