Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Brady's are naughty

Ever since I had to change our evening television viewing routine due to Fox putting the Family Guy on when there are little eyes to watch it. We've been watching the Brady Bunch. Ah, memories of ultra short skirts which I, swear the god, caught a glimpse of Jan's undies a few weeks ago, and polyester-gingham pants.
The thing is, in the majority of episodes at the end, you will find Mike and Carol Brady in their bed. They read, they do leg bends, they get the random child popping in their room for parently advise, and then they end with some smoochy-kissy-lead-you-to-believe-they-want-to-get-randy-after-they-turn-the-lights-off-closing.
I suppose they would be getting it on since there is never wary a fight amongst the parents. No, "You spent HOW much money on lotion?" and my favorite, since it's me asking it, "You bought $90.00 bike shorts?" (Should one's butt be that precious that they need a $90.00 chamios?)
And I would like to know why there aren't the episodes where the child comes in the room in the middle of the night with a nightmare about someone trying to take her out of her room so she then ends up on the floor on top of a heater vent, sucking the warmth away from me. Or the better middle of the night episodes full of vomit and crying. That makes for great televison.
Well, I suppose I should provide some nourishing dinner for these darling children since one just found a snack leftover from the other's lunch bag and threw a fit that I won't let her eat it.
Also, before I forget my complete grace, I would like to let you know I chipped a front tooth last night because I find it highly difficult to raise a glass of water to my lips. D'oh!

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