Friday, November 16, 2007

Aren't they just darling?

I was just on my friend's blog looking at photos of her kids and her recent wedding...beautiful, all of them.
And I'm sitting here on the couch with my kids, who, can be quite darling, and we can capture those moments in photos sometimes....and thank goodness. Because S is sitting here elbowing B in the head and then just pushed her off onto the floor.
We had parent-teacher conferences on Wednesday and I found out that S is functioning at a third grade level on most everything she is doing. She is going to an advanced-enrichment class once a week to further her learning so she doesn't get bored. I am amazed. Truly floored at her abilities. So I've started researching on what I can do to help her desire to continue learning and not squash her in any way.
It's Friday night, halleguiah, the husband is on his way home from work, he's off all next week. I'm just working Monday and we leave for Las Vegas Tuesday morning to spend the holiday at the in-laws. At least it'll be warmer than it is here.
I also spoke with my big boss today, had a real conversation, let him know what is keeping me from coming in and subjecting myself to my fears. Asked about that raise he promised a few months ago, end of year bonuses...a real conversation. AND, I did not blotch out and get the over-anxious fear that I usually get. Thank goodness for drugs that work. :)
It was a good day. It was a good week. It started out shakey due to the new seating arrangements, but we've started warming up to each other and we're on speaking terms, so that is good.
I also had a little motivation and got some much needed paperwork done. Wow!
Well, I am out for now.

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