Monday, November 26, 2007

Draw that line Mommy

The husband and I are trying not to get Christmas present wacky.
We've made a list. We've added things to the list. We look through the Sunday ads. We see things we think are adorable. Things that two little girls would *love*. A Collector's Set of 15 Around the World unique Littlest Pets.
They are truly adorable. A little seal, a penguin, a chiuahua! With a Sombrero! The humanity of it all! The lure of parent's looking at the ads everywhere!
Target has probably ten per store and we get there and they are sold out! Imagine that! You can't buy them online, they are unique, collector's items that have no rainchecks given out.

Truth be told. All the ebay bastards bought them and they are on ebay for twice the price they were in store.
So I'm trying to get over it. But I keep seeing the sweet, large, doe eyes of the 15 littlest pet shop pets looking at me from the ad, wanting to come to my house to get lost and spend countless days in my purse and at various restaurants to pass the time whilst waiting for food to arrive.
I'm sure there are a handful of them, magnetized to the posts under the seats in my car. I should go check and see.

Better yet, I should get my butt to bed as I promised myself that I would go to bed early since I am quite certain I slept through most of my drive to work this morning and spent the remainder of the day in a complete fog of tiredness.

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