Monday, January 21, 2008

Not at all clever

I can hear the husband upstairs wrestling with a three-year old who has gotten herself into a lot of trouble today. I think she has a roll that she is clutching and spraying crumbs around with too.

I was with her in a dive of a Mexican food restaurant the other night, and she needed to go to the since I was in there already...I figured I'd take advantage of the situation and use it after her...and when I was sitting there, instead of her normal "What are you doing mommy? Are you going pooooo mommy?" loud-talking-for-all-to-hear....she decides that instead of talking (she must have known no one else was in there) she proceeded to lick the bathroom stall door.


Between the constant *tasting* of random, non-food, items and her thumb....she is determined to be sick until she can stop.
And it doesn't look like stopping any of those bad habits is anywhere near on the horizon.

Well, I am sick again. I came on here to check when I was last sick...and it was October, the time when the hamster thing happened...and I was going to try and be clever and link it on this entry, but I am not so clever, and I've got Safari open which doesn't let me use the control button anyway. So, screw that notion of trying to look like I know what I'm doing online.

I also stayed home from work today too. I've spent the past three nights coming down to sleep on a couch so I don't keep the rest of the family up with my eternal coughing.

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