Sunday, January 13, 2008

13 days later

If my New Years Resolution had been to not update my blog more often, then I would be doing a fabulous job.

Here it is, January 13th and I have already forgotten to send a birthday card to my nephew, eaten out three days of the past seven and have mocked my child when she whined.

So much for eating at home more often and praising instead of putting down people, ie: my children.

I had not made any resolutions to send out birthday cards on time. Phew.

I am determined to not use any credit cards and sock away large sums of cash all while not buying any big, compulsive items this year. This includes no bikes, no camping equipment, no new cars (if it can be at all avoided) no expensive bike accessories either. I guess I should mention this to the husband as he has bought all the new biking accessories in the past 6 months that any sweet boy needs. Including a new fork for the bike that he drove into the garage while it was still attached to the car rack that was still attached to my CAR. We try not to speak of this incident while we are sober.

It is Sunday night, and I am going to bed as I have somewhat sickling kidlets with coughs and snotty noses who need to get up a little early tomorrow to get bathed.

Oh yes, the husband and I are also trying to drink a little less too. Bwaaahaaaahaaaaaa.

Ahem. Drink less Gin.
This is during the week, so we can sit less and move our booties more to get rid of the few pounds that snuck up during the holidays. I received a new iPod shuffle (in red) so I can clip-er on and shake instead of lugging around the big-boy who goes to work with me.
So I danced around the house for a good 20 minutes and the husband and I played some mean games of tennis for about an hour this morning on the Wii and he kicked my ass.

I'm going to start putting labels on these posts and see how goofy they can get.
Biking. Gin. and Resolutions. Now that seems like something from a bad movie.

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