Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To call or not to call

I keep having this nagging in my head to call someone....a nagging pain that is centralized in my left jaw who to call for this? Oh gee...could it doctor?
I guess I feel funny about calling him that now...since I found out a little background on him...married, children, went to Iraq as a doctor during the summer..ran into him as I guess one of his kids goes to B's school. Yeah, he's a little humanized now. Hopefully that will take away the red flush I get when I go see him.

I *need * to call him, but honestly I guess I am afraid to call him.
The reason why you ask? Well, since the pain is back, with a vengeance, and he said he was okay with my range of motion in the opening of the mouth, and if it does click, that is usually okay...a lot of people's jaw joints pop. But once the pain is there, well, then there is an issue.

I did the jaw lavage the end of August..had about two weeks of healing pain then about a month of no pain whatsoever. Enough time for me to go back to him to say it felt great, enough time for him to write a report to my attorney that things were okay and then time for the pain to return.

I suppose he could do the lavage again, but usually the next step is something more invasive. Surgically opening the joint and manually placing the displaced joint back to the correct place it is supposed to rest. But the problem with this type of surgery is that you usually end up with worse pain than before due to the risk of further damaging things.

Let me tell you a word of wisdom, folks. Do NOT ever break your jaw. Don't even think of doing it. I cringe during every movie and tv show scene that depicts someone getting punched in the jaw. That has to break it I am sure. (not in the movies, of course) but that would be the end result I am sure of it.

Pain. Chronic pain. Long, suffering, I can't open my mouth wide enough to fit around this junior cheeseburger pain.
Just a little Waaaaaaah from me.

Okay, I'm done with that.

Now the searing question is... How in the HELL do people find enough time in their day to be all on top of a blog? Posting photos and html links? AND cook? And take care of their family? How, DAMMMIT, how?
I'm multi-tasking right now. Laptop, banking, watching Lost, doing laundry, putting clean sheets on beds during commercials, thinking about picking up the magazines in the family room, wondering how the hell I'm going to finish off the rest of the work week after losing one person (her last day today, boo!) and one on vacation and then training a new person come Monday.

I am also breaking a resolution by drinking a fine glass of Pinot Noir.

Kick it