Monday, June 2, 2008

Didn't we do this in the 70's?

Guess who has the pox now?

Guess! Guess!

Well, since there are only two other people in the household who have not had the pox before, one who is 37 years of late and the other 7 years, well then, I suppose it would be them. (I am stretching the true a little here, the husband, who kindly reminded me, will not be 37 until next month, and S will be 7 in 15 days)

Exactly 20 days of incubation have busted out the dreaded blistery chicken pox in one husband and one daughter. How delightful. How superbly wonderful that we are supposed to leave on a little get-away-vacation in three short days. I'm not sure if this will be happening.

The husband stayed home, as we were getting our patio truly poured today, and then I got all ill at work...the shakes, all signs pointing to food poisoning, dizzy, cramps. pale, hot/cold...sent a frantic email stating I was leaving the workplace, and drove the 12 miles home with my hand over my mouth hoping I would not actually barf in my car and chanting in my head "only 12 miles, only 12 miles".
I made it home just in time and spent a few hours on the couch, having a gurgling conversation with my stomach and reading/watching bad day time television.

Now the children are home with the neighbor kid that the mom still wants her to get the pox. Welcome to that place. They are playing Mario Kart.

Happy First Day of Summer Vacation everyone!

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