Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Never enough time

Remember the days when people would take their film out of their cameras and get actual prints made?
Some crafty people even print out their digital photos.
Even craftier, some people upload photos to their computers and/or photobucketish sites and post photos on the internet.

I want you to imagine someone who takes their camera everywhere with them, as long as this person has her purse, and takes photos of all sorts of things: delicious looking cheeseburgers that a fellow employee is getting ready to eat, children (her own children usually), dogs, cats, potato bugs, chicken pox, people with silly outfits/hair-do's, other employees doing random acts of crazies (giving her the finger whilst taking birthday decorations down) and videos of her children doing cute dancing and employees killing wasps. I have been known to get crazy and take photos of illegally jacked up redneck trucks, while driving, and the first gas station I saw with the gas over the $4.00 mark.

BUT. This is where it ends. I take the camera, and show people my weekend meanderings and wanderings and "Could this truck possiblybe jacked up any higher". And then sometimes I even upload the photos once there are too many on there and not much to erase.

But, I'm sorry. You will have to imagine the rest of what I have described, because as soon as I possibly find any extra time in my life, I will spend that time getting a few more minutes of sleep, and not posting photos.

Maybe in the winter when I have nothing better to do.


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Amberlee said...

Horrible post. No pictures. What. I am so disappointed. You could just post pictures with no actual words, they say pictures are worth a 1,0000 of those anyway. The way I see it 4 pictures(we will start small) = 4,000 words, . get to it missy, or I will be driving my fat self to your house to yell. oh ya, be afraid.