Thursday, June 5, 2008

What a week

What a difference one week can make.

Last week I enjoyed two blissful hours of watching Lost and drinking Gin.

This week, I have two poxed people and one, totally bored and strung out of her mind, three year old who had been cooped up in the house with the two sickos.

I made the husband send her to the babysitters today just so she can possibly be worn out enough to sleep tonight.

At eight o'clock last night she was running and jumping off the stairs, butt naked and roaring like a tiger. She then proceeded to do a tiger dance, a tickle-monster dance, and then the inevitable, pee and poo dance. There is nothing like the pee and poo dance. It was spectacular and deserved some sort of recognition.
I did laugh hysterically due to the sheer toddler-esce-ness of it all. Buddha belly and rotund naked butt, running around the house.

We are not going to Moab. Boo. No vacations this weekend. Boo.
S cried at the dinner table when we told her tonight that we are not going. Poor kid. She wanted to know why. Like it wasn't obvious.

This is after the husband let her take a four hour nap...which she woke up from at 5:30.
This always makes for easy bedtime routines.

I like to shake my fist in the air at that one.

Well, not much else going on....asked my boss today for a Mac. And we both laughed. He said he wanted one too. Haa haa haaa Haaaaaa

Right. I have the bottom of the line Dell that has no DVD-R. It is sad when your surf-the-web-only apple laptop is nicer than what you have at work. Not to mention the other computers at home. Oh well.

I'm off to digest dinner a little bit more so I can go have a 20 minute training session with my friend, Jillian, who is getting me some muscles and makes me sore.

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Amberlee said...

where are all your great pictures?