Monday, October 13, 2008

The barf chronicles

I have to admit, I am not sad to be home today. Not sad to not be sitting at my desk trying desperately to act like I am working when I would, most definitely, be sleeping.

B has a tummy issue.

She is curled up on the couch with the estatic-to-have-a-warm-bum-to-sleep-with, dog, watching various cartoons.

I had a hard enough time sleeping without the barfing child last night, so when she woke up around two-ish this morning, I said goodbye to my attempts at sleeping.

I have found that I can sleep through many things lately....the dog, whimpering and scratching from the inside of S's room, the husband, getting up in the middle of the night to shut windows, let said dog out, and also him going outside in the pouring rain to put an extension tube on the downspout. Yep, I sleep through all of that. But, the second I hear one of my children, it is mommy radar on extreme sensitive mode.

B was sick that once, and I assumed it was from her voracious eating throughout the day, and she was sweet enough to talk me into letting her into our bed. A four-year old in a queen-sized bed with two adults is really not the best recipe for sleep. I swear, when I thought she was asleep, she would stretch an arm out and rest it on my chin. And the husband was sweet enough to let her share my half of the bed. Not that he was getting any sleep either, but at least he wasn't giving up any of his space.
We spent about an hour of doing the bed sheet share a pillow tango and she was whisked off to her own bed.

She came back in a while later, not sure how later, but I had just finally fallen off to sleep and was dreaming about forgetting to bring something to work.. ? Or maybe it was something about my refrigerator...yeah, dreams, highly overrated.
There was some complaining about an ear hurting, husband finds tylenol, administers tylenol, tylenol immediately comes back up, the mother groggily remembers there is some sort of ear drop remedy somewhere...gets kid back in bed, drops in the ear gunk, actually finds ear gunk whilst half asleep, mumbles something like she will stay home with sweet B, sets alarm for the husband and falls back in bed.

So, here I am. B is saying her tummy hurts right now, and I'm trying, to get her to eat some Saltines. She will not eat the Saltines, she wants nuts.

I have to go to work tomorrow and the next day for some continuing education classes to keep my insurance license up to date. Yawn.
Thank goodness there will be some fun people going with me so I can pass notes and giggle to keep amused and possibly stay awake.

The husband gets to try the dance practice shuffle tomorrow night, so tune in to see how it goes.


Laurel and the boys said...

Oh how I've missed you!!! I can't believe how big the girls are. They're so cute! What happened to S's curly hair??

Man, I hear you on the mommy radar! I hope things get back to normal soon!

Michele said...

To my fellow mean sister: Laurel helped me find you, now we can catch up. I haven't been able to participate in much romper room without you!! Email me at
Your girls are darling - just like mama.
Miss you tons,

Steph said...

I think you should write books ... your posts are so entertaining and funny. Love ya girl! Sorry for the barfing ... I understand that .... I was up with Sadie this weekend .. changing sheets in the middle of the night .. and grabbing bowls. YUCK!